Someone who I care about, but wasn't invited to the wedding, has asked to come and watch the ceremony

Is this weird? I feel strange about it!

Question Asked: 5/02/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Beatrice Poni

Sydney / Hunter Valley / Blue Mountains

(0) Posted: 9/10/2021

I'm really sorry to hear that.

The first question is, do you want them to attend the ceremony?

If you care about them and definitly want them to attend; you should definitly invite them.

Theres no harm in having them attend, unless there isn't any space left.

Theres also the option to stream your wedding for them if it makes anything better.

I really hope this helps you.


Forever Lasting Weddings

Southern Highlands

(0) Posted: 5/03/2021


There is nothing weird or strange about this. This does happen and while we are amidst the Covid Pandemic this will happen due to a number of people allowed. There are other options you can maybe suggest to the person you care about is live streaming, when it comes to picking a platform or service that will allow you to livestream your wedding including Zoom, Skype, Facebook, and so on but keep in mind there maybe limitations.

(3) Posted: 10/02/2021

A wedding is a really special day and something that we want to celebrate with everyone that is special to us. But it is also a really expensive day and so you can't always invite everyone you want to.  We are also living in COVID times so numbers for receptions have had to be reduced.

Additional friends and work colleagues will often ask if it is OK to come and watch the ceremony knowing that they are not invited to the reception.  You shouldn't feel weird about it.  Everyone loves a wedding and watching two people that you know 'Say I do' fills your heart with joy. 

It is also OK to say that you would prefer for them not to attend but at the end of the day if you have a venue that can easily cater for a couple of additional people during the ceremony then you should ask yourself - why not?  

(1) Posted: 9/02/2021

I think this would be  a lovely gesture - provided that your ceremony (especially indoors in these times) isn't at capacity. They would probably feel quite honoured to be able to share in the love and joy that will be your ceremony as long as they know the invitation doesn't extend to the reeption, for whatever reason that may be. Don't feel pressured at all though, do what you think is right. 

Solstice Events

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(9) Posted: 9/02/2021

Hi there, I think if you care about them and would have wanted them there (but can't due to restrictions) it is absolutely fine! Just ensure your ceremony venue can hold the additional person(s). They just want to watch you walk down the aisle and congratulate you :)

NH Weddings

Penrith / Blue Mountains / Sydney and Surrounds

(11) Posted: 9/02/2021

If you care about them and can spare a seat, let them know you would love for them to come to your ceremony. People do this all the time due to numbers for reception having to be cut down. 

Panorama Events

Gold Coast, Tweed Coast & Brisbane

(2) Posted: 9/02/2021

I see this happen quite often at weddings. Sometimes the couple can't invite everyone due to budget, limit on space etc but they really want certain people to be able to watch the ceremony. I think as long as you make it clear in a nice way that they are welcome at the ceremony but not the reception then it's a lovely way to include them. Zoe x

Vicky Rahmic Weddings + Events

Perth | Margaret River | Destination

(0) Posted: 9/02/2021

Absolutely, I have had Brides and Grooms that have a ceremony list and reception list, especially if its something more intimate in the reception that you dont have many guests.

EBB Events

Melbourne & Australia Wide

(2) Posted: 9/02/2021

It 's not uncommon for people not invited to the reception to come along and see you get married.  This is often the case with workmates, parent's friends, friends of siblings etc.  They tend to stand at the back, out of the way.

However, it's your day - only say yes if you're comfortable with it.

(0) Posted: 9/02/2021

Actually this can be quite a common thing. People that care about you want to share in the joy of your day. Unfortunately we are not always able to invite everyone we know to the wedding and reception for a multitude of reasons but having them come and witness your ceremony and share in the joy is a way of being able to include everyone without it causing any issues to say the budget of your wedding or prearranged seating. I only set places for those invited, this includes at the ceremony, but if anyone wants to just attend the ceremony (as long it is within current Covid restrictions in regards to social distancing) is free to take a standing position. If there is a wedding happening in a public outdoor venue like for instance a park, you will oftenvget people that don't even know the couple, standing and watching the Ceremony. Everyone loves a Wedding! Take these things into consideration when you think about it. They just want to share in the joy of the day. Depending on your venue and current Covid restrictions on the day will be the only other thing to consider with this. 

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