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Partial Planning


This Package is perfect for: Those that just need a bit of a boost to kickstart their wedding planning, those that may not live in the area and be unfamiliar with the local vendors…as well as feeling confident about their own wedding planning skills! 


  • We will discuss your initial plans, assist with your vision for the day. This will include themeing, colours, the overall vibe for the day and approximate budget. 
  • Create a mood board based on our initial discussions.  
  • Source your potential suppliers based on our initial discussions and your moodboard. 
  • Manage the contracts, payment schedules etc with your vendors. 
  • Then we will set you on your way- giving you personalised templates for the rest of your planning journey including a generic timeline of when you should have things completed by, logistical run sheet template and a master vendor contact list template for your use.


Full Planning

This Package is perfect for: Those who are feeling super overwhelmed and daunted about planning a wedding, or who may be time poor and don’t have the time to take on a second job such as planning a wedding!  

Venue/Ceremony - Site feasibility

- Site ceremony options

- Celebrant options & liaise with celebrants for client requirements

- Hire supplies research and options (tables chairs, bathrooms outdoor furniture etc).

Caterers/Beverages - Source options and negotiate pricing

- Manage supplier contracts

- Liaise between client and vendor for menu options, tastings, vendor setup requirements and final details

- Determine beverage quantities and research of suppliers

Photographers - Source and negotiate pricing

- Manage supplier contracts

- Manage vendors requirements such as selection of locations, types of photos client requires

Ceremony/Reception Style - Create mood board

- Research hire items aligned with clients mood board

- Manage the confirmation and contract of suppliers

- Liaise with suppliers and details of setup/pack down requirements

Wedding Cake - Source options and negotiate pricing

- Manage supplier contracts

- Communicate design options and arrange tasting for client

Music - Source options and negotiate pricing

- Manage the confirmation and contract of suppliers

- Assist with first dance and "moment" music

Invitations - Source options and negotiate pricing

- Manage the confirmation and contract of suppliers

- Communicate details with designer and supply design options to client

- Invitation & RSVP Management*

Hair and Makeup - Source options and negotiate pricing

- Manage supplier contracts if necessary

- Arrange and coordinate trial options

Transportation - Source options and negotiate pricing

- Manage supplier contracts if necessary

- Liaise with vendor regarding timing

Accommodation - Source suitable Bride and Groom and guest accommodation options

- Negotiate group booking pricing at various establishments

Other - Site Inspection and final confirmation of details- This will be done 2- 3 weeks out from the date of your wedding. We will run through every single detail together to ensure we haven't missed anything

Budget Prep and Planning- I will keep track of your budget and expenditure throughout the whole process. This will also include supplier payment management - letting you know when your payments are due. 

Client Timeline - which will essentially "project manage" the event, when items need to be completed by

On the Day Coordination- We will be with you on the day, making sure everything is where it needs to be, done when it needs to be done and to fix any unexpected issues that may arise. 

Run Sheet - Our time planner/to do list for the day

Compilation of Client File - I'll compile or your contracts, details of our discussions and workable documents into one file. These can be paper based or alternatively electronic. You can choose. 

Table Seating Plan & Venue Map - Where your guests will be seated and your vendors will be located. 

Coordination of pre and post activities- whether it be a brunch, pub lunch or day out on the water, we can arrange assist with this. 

Optional (not included in pricing) - Suggestions in dress wear for the Bride/Bridesmaid and Groom/Groomsman. We can suggest options and add to your mood board, however generally this is a super personal element of your big day and lets face it - you want to be able to bring along your friends and family and make a full day of it.

* NB RSVP Management is included however some people prefer to manage themselves. 

On the Day Coordination

This Package is perfect for: Those who are feeling a little anxious about how all their plans are going to come together and just need a little helping hand on the big day.



- Brief phone call or meeting via Videoconference to discuss where you are at in the current planning stages and guide you in the right direction, provide advice to finalise anything outstanding.

- If happy to proceed, contract signed and deposit to be paid to Upon A Star Events, if not already done so.


Up to 2 months prior

- Go through the vendors you have chosen and obtain details via a briefing sheet which will assist us to put together your draft run sheet.

- From here we will draft your on the day run sheet, basic seating plan/ venue plan with the information we have to date.

- We will also introduce ourselves to your key contacts and create a key contact list with their on the day contact details


2 weeks from Event date

- We will prepare and conduct an on site briefing (or virtually if more feasible) meet with your venue manager, tie up loose ends with yourself eg remaining tasks to do, payments to vendors to be made and other items yet to be organised.

- Contact your vendors –finalise delivery details and packup /packdown arrangements.


-Your final payment to be made to Upon A Star Events. Once this is completed, your final runsheet, seating plan and venue plan will be distributed to yourself and vendors.



The Day Prior

- We will confirm deliveries and ensure suppliers are delivering goods services as per client requirements. Tie up any loose ends.


On the Day

- Our service will start with a meet and greet with the wedding couple. I will brief them on the run sheet and this is our chance to discuss any last minute changes or things that may be added to the day. We will then ensure we are keeping time of movements with the bride and groom and their selected vendors.

- We will ensure everything is setup according to your venue plan, table list (if applicable) and do any general tidyups of the ceremony and reception spaces along the way. This will include hired furniture and accessories where required, any DIY items such as place cards, guestbooks and signage, right through to lighting the candles, adjusting the lighting, topping up the ice and so much more!

- We will be keeping a keen eye on everything, ensuring any problems/issues that may arise are dealt with confidently without fuss.


Any additional time required is priced at $50 per hr and is to be settled within a week from the event date.


Any additional time required is priced at $50 per hr and is to be settled within a week from the event date.