Is it OK to have a do-not-play list at our wedding?

Hi there. There are some songs I really don't want played at our wedding but I know some of my family will request it. Can I give our DJ a list of these songs - but how do they handle it with the guests? I don't want to offend anyone.


Question Asked: 8/08/2022

Wedding Date: 20/10/2023

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Spinning Disc Entertainment

(42) · Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Geelong, Central & Regional VIC.

Posted: 9/08/2022

Great question!
The answer is yes - it's very important entertainers avoid playing that song that would ruin your night.
Everyone's taste is different.  We often find half our clients can't wait to do the nutbush or the macarena with their family and friends, but the other half can't stand the thought of it.
There might be a song from a funeral you wouldn't want to hear, or you might just cringe every time you hear Horses in a pub while everyone else is belting out the words.
It's your wedding and we help to personalise it to your look, sound and feel.

How do we handle it?
Our DJs are trained to handle that request as respectfully as possible. Rather than saying "the bride doesn't want to hear that", then the guest running straight to you. We say "sorry, we don't have that track".
Most of the time that's where the conversation finishes. Occasionally a guest can't believe don't have the Nutbush but we would prefer the guest be unhappy with us, rather than running to you and hassling you to give us permission to play it.

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Heather Muggridge Music

(6) · Adelaide and Surrounds, including Clare, Barossa and the Fleurieu Peninsula

Posted: 26/01/2024

Absolutely! It is your day, if there are songs which you can't stand, feel have been over played or have a meaning for you which doesnt fit for your special day, it it perfectly reasponable for you to ensure they are not played. Your day needs to be a reflection of you both as a couple and your love.

The Memory Makers

(2) · Far North Coast / Byron Bay / Lismore

Posted: 16/06/2023

100% .. We actually think the do-not-play is just as important as the play list.. The only tricky thing is if someone requests a do-not-play song to the DJ.. our DJ will always politely seek permission from the couple on the night

Inferno Duet

(2) · Melbourne and surrounds

Posted: 28/03/2023

Yes Absolutely , we would rather know ahead of time if there are songs you do not like. The day is yours , we want you to be happy. 

NikNat Entertainment

(54) · Gold Coast / Tweed Heads / Brisbane / Sunshine Coast

Posted: 21/03/2023

100% it is okay!

In fact, it's MORE important to have a DO NOT PLAY list that a PLEASE play list!

It's YOUR wedding and the last thing you want to hear is songs you don't like.

A good DJ will be fine with that (in fact they will be very apprecative of it) and cater the night and the music to your taste.

Breakfast At Tiffanys

(18) · Sydney

Posted: 21/03/2023

Absolutely! It's very helpful to know your song preferences, whether just genres or specific songs. It helps us to form the right repertoire to reflect your wishes and desires. Keep in mind, often couples have an idea that the wedding will be relaxed with no dancing but your guests will have other ideas later in the night! So having a band that can cover everyone's wishes is the best option.

JP Event DJ Hire

(11) · Adelaide and Surrounds

Posted: 6/02/2023

Yes of course :)

Prestige Wedding Entertainment

(6) · NSW State Wide

Posted: 10/01/2023

Yes absolutely we have our own DJ App so you can do exactly that

Brad & Brodie

(1) · Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Gold Coast

Posted: 5/01/2023

We have many people request not to play a certain genre or even dance songs like nutbush/footloose. 

You are in control of your day and you when you book with us you can be guaranteed that we will back you.

With Love, 

Brad & Brodie 

Delta Entertainment DJ & Karaoke Services

(5) · Adelaide & Surrounds / SA Statewide

Posted: 19/12/2022

Absolutely you can. Its a question we ask every one of our couples. Our DJ politely tells them its NA at this wedding. 

Pro DJ's Australia

(44) · Covering Entire NSW and VIC

Posted: 23/11/2022

Hello, this ia great question.

It is your wedding at the end of the day. 

We encourage that you share a DO NOT PLAY LIST with us before your event.

Should the song get requested, we would discretly approach you on the night and share that it has been requested.

At this stage you may say fine, just play it, but when i an outside. Or you may say , no way you are playing that song.

We would kindly advise the requester that we are unable to play it.

Warm Regards,

John @ Pro Djs Australia

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