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Hi. I was wondering whether I should book my hair and makeup trial before I've booked my artists or after? What happens if you book someone and you have the trial and you don't like it? Can you cancel at that point? Is it normal to have a trial before you book?

Question Asked: 29/06/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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(114) Posted: 17/09/2021

If your wedding is 6 months to 1 year in advance and you would like a trial closer to the wedding date, we would recommend you secure your wedding date with your aritst in advance. Most of the popular makeup artist could be booked out before your trial date if you haven't secured the booking.

Sometimes it is hard to do a trial too earlier on because your may not have bought your dress yet, or your hair is not long enough for a style you like.

It would be best to communicate eg email, phone call with your makeup artist to see if you can connect with them before the trial.

There are a few things we ask before doing a trial.  1) Have you bought your wedding dress 2) How is your hair 3) What hairstyle would you like?

We believe that a hairstyle should match the bride's face shape and personality. However it should also compliment her wedding dress.  For example if the back of her dress is fully covered with lace, we probably would go for an updo. Secondly, the lenght of ther hair will determiine if we can do a particular (we can use hair extensions if required).  A make up trial can be done any time before a wedding day.

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I advise all potential brides upon first contact who are a new client that they are welcome to have what's called a "pre-trial" if they're still deciding on their artist for the day. If you have a few potential artists in mind, having a look at their previous work can help determine their style and if it's going to suit you. 
If you're booking before having a trial consult the artist about their terms, usually it would be not an issue if you have given them adequate time if needing to cancel. Being sure about the look and style you're after can really help with choosing your artist. 

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yes i always recommend a trail before booking , i allow cancellations up to 6 weeks prior, i recommend a trail when you have decieded on your dress. its also a great way to meet your stylist.

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You definitely can book a trial before you book a stylist. My advice would be to look at their page and see if there is a style/look you like. If you can't find anything you like you will most likely not like what they do. 

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Hi , I would  say first as advised book your trial with the makeup artists and show her how would like your makeup and hair you can have with you some references, how you want your makeup and hair for the special day that every single bride are looking forward to look amazing and beautiful,. It's always good to book it on time some makeup artist are fine by cancelling after the trial the reason are the brides isn't happy with the makeup artists delivery of their work but rarely happens I believe as I'm makeup artist and hairstylist  by suggesting and being confident by your work that make your bride more comfortable so just book your trial before your wedding that your makeup artist can have you scheduled on their agenda...

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I would strongly suggest you have a trial with your artist before you pay any deposit. A trial is not just about the quality of the work but to also make sure you connect with your artists and they are going to ensure you have a calm, professional start to your wedding day. You need to make sure the artists style is that that you are trying to go for. Not all artists can do waves or winged eyes etc.  Hair and makeup is a very important part of your look and can reflect on how you feek for the entire all day. It's all about feeling beautiful and refelecting the theme of your wedding ??

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In most cases, youbook a trial first beforehand. Once you've trialled the artist and hairstylist, a deposit is paid to them to lock them in for your big day. In some cases, brides aren't keen to trial for a very long time, or leave it closer to the wedding day. In such instances as this, a deposit to secure them is paid beforehand. We highly encourage a trial sooner, as leaving things to the last minute can be stressful for the bride. If you don't want to book who you've trialled, then you're on the hunt again for someone else and possibly many will be booked out so close to your date. Plan to trial no later than 6 months prior to your wedding - gives you time, and also any advice given by the staff for prepping your skin or hair gives you a few months to get the best outcome for your wedding day.

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Most makeup artists and hair stylists take a non-refundable booking fee to secure your date. So I think it's best to try before you book to make sure you are  happy with their work. As a hairstylist I also recommend that you bring your headpiece and veil if you have it to make sure it all comes together how you Invision it. 

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i would advice first to find out whether the artist has an availability for your wedding date. And if they do, then request for a makeup trial. Try to do both hair and makeup appointments on the same day. Allocate enough time for the both. By having them both done on the same day will give you an idea of what the look you are after will be like on the day. 

If you have not happy with the trial best to speak with the artist and discuss your concerns. A lot of artists want to work with you (bride) in order to achieve the results you are after. In most cases some artists will offer to redo the trial. If after the second trial you're not happy then it is completely fine to cancel. Just find out their terms and conditions. 

As for the trial it is vital to have it done before you book. This is when we work with you (bride) to get your desired look.

Hope this answers your question 

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