Is it better to book one specific make up artist, or a makeup artistry company with multiple artists

Question Asked: 6/06/2017 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Danielle Robinson Makeup Artist

South East Queensland

(6) Posted: 25/02/2018

It really doesn't matter which business structure you choose on the day as there are pros and cons with both.

If you choose a styling house with multiple artist's, be certain to ensure that you will have the same artist take care of you at your trial as on the wedding day itself and another benefit of this is that if something should happen and she be unable to attend on the day, businesses with other artist's can often send a replacement.  

When choosing a freelance artist, they know their success in the industry can easily be broken by a bad reputation, so being their only source of income, they will set higher standards and having a greater level of quality control.  The downside is, in the very unlikely event something happens and they can't take care of you on your Wedding Day, they can hopefully organise a replacement or you may be left hunting at the last minute.   However, in the almost twenty years I've been working with Bridal makeup, I've only had to do this once and was able to organise for one of my artist's to go in my place.

All the best for a beautiful wedding,

Danielle x

Johanna Peirce Makeup Artist

Sydney and surrounds

(1) Posted: 30/09/2017

It does depend on how many people you have been made up on the day? I know the maximum number of people I can do hair and makeup on, on the day is 6. 

If there are a few people to do and the hair or makeup is complex and quite time consuming, a team could help speed this up.

On the flip side,  if it's a manageable size and one person is confident they can deliver, this can save money and time.

Good luck with your decision. Many thanks, Johanna

(60) Posted: 4/07/2017

There are pros and cons either way.  Generally speaking, you get a more personalised approach from an individual, but if you book with a company, you will have access to back up makeup artists in case one specific makeup artist falls ill or unable to attend due to unforeseeable circumstances.   At Faces Makeup and Hair we have striked that balance by maintaining a close-knit team of 7 stylists only.  You can specify the stylist you want for your wedding day (and your trial).  If you do not have a preference, we will allocate one to you and you will have the same stylist for the wedding day as well as for the trial.  (In any case we all have a similar style you won't be able to tell the difference between our stylists from our gallery photos!)

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(0) Posted: 4/07/2017

 It's best to see their work and book the individual. If you book the company, you wouldn't know who you will end up with. Doing a trial will give you idea of what you will look on the big day.

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(4) Posted: 22/06/2017

As long as you have a trial with the artist who will be providing the service on your wedding day there's not much difference between an individual or a company. Being guaranteed an artist is essential! It's important for you to build a repore and lock down a perfect customised look with your makeup artist so that your wedding day is enjoyable and stress free.

I would recommend if using an individual to ask  what their backup policy is. If they are ill or unable to provide their service on your wedding day do they have systems in place for another artist to fulfill the booking. Also ask if they are covered for public liability. With a company these practices  will already be in place.

goodluck with your planning!

Melissa Shubin - Hair & Makeup

South Australia State Wide

(10) Posted: 14/06/2017

I agree that there are benefits either way. I think freelance artists have a higher level of commitment to their brides because it's their business. As an Independent Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist, I'm happy to work with other artists and can make recommendations of other artists who do the same standard of work. This is beneficial when there's large bridal parties or you need / want to get ready quickly. I also have a guarantee in my bridal contracts that if I'm unable to provide the service (which has never happened in 10 years), I'm responsible to help find a suitable replacement.
My recommendation is to decide what level of service you want, then find an artist or company that will give you everything you're looking for. It's you're wedding day after all, best wishes for your upcoming nuptials.

Karen Anne Makeup

Perth and Surroundings

(5) Posted: 14/06/2017

I am a freelance makeup artist and have worked in a team as well as independently - I believe a solo makeup artist is more attentive and will cater to your needs more fully than a team. One specific makeup artist means you know who you will be getting on the day and the exact makeup look you want. Often in teams they will shuffle around the artists so you don't know who you are going to get. Every MUA has their own style and price so pick the one that is right for you and someone you are comfortable with. In general, the more experienced makeup artists are slightly more expensive but well worth it as they are used to last minute changes, fixing problem skin and adding in one more face if needed. In addition, experienced MUAs who do not do hair will definitely be able to recommend the best hair stylist for you instead of being restricted to picking someone from their own team. For very large bookings most Makeup artists have other freelance artists they can turn for assistance so no worries there. Hope this helps.

Hollywood Brides

Mobile, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mt Tamborine, Sunshine Coast, Maleny, Toowoomba & Tangalooma

(108) Posted: 14/06/2017

As long as the same artist who does your trial is the same artist who does your wedding it shouldn't matter. The benefits of an Agency is backup if the artist is injured or ill and cannot perform the job. Also make sure you see photos of previous work from the exact stylist before selecting as with Agencies sometimes you don't know who has done what. I make sure I allocate the stylists name to each picture.

Beauty of Tatum

Darwin and Surrounding Areas

(11) Posted: 13/06/2017

good evening , I was a solo artist self employed for over a decade and I was the only one . Highly referred to and one of the well known artists in town. I now have a shop front and it's not just me anymore . Having a few artists I believe still has its perks , especially when time is involved. Each person is different and likes dodfeeent styles - tones - etc so it ads a nice mixture .

Surely the bride does always ask for me , but after all the years of hard work to gain this reputation , I understand that rewuesy

Gamine Dynasty

Perth Metro, Swan Valley, South West, Northam, York, Albany, Esperance, Geraldton, Kalbarri, Broome

(18) Posted: 13/06/2017

There are pros and cons to both depending on the company or the artist you choose.

Depending on the size of your wedding party, you may not need multiple artists to help you on your day and sometimes you may not get the same person for your trial as you do for the day if you go with a company. However, in the event of an accident or illness, they will be able to replace the artist they had scheduled and have worked really hard to create their reputation by providing amazing work for their clients.

I always recommend to ask freelance artists if they have insurances and what are their procedures incase of illness or an emergency. You'll be surprised that a lot of freelance mua don't have insurance or any back up if they can't be there for you on your day. It's always good to cover yourself so don't be shy, ask the questions you need to know.

Enjoy your planning. I hope this helped you decide.

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