What can I do to make sure my wedding dress appointment is a good experience?

I've heard some horror stories about wedding dress shopping. How can I make sure it's a great experience? What should I expect from my first appointment?


Question Asked: 1/08/2022 Wedding Date: 16/09/2023

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Bernice Fashions

Geelong and Surroundings

(29) Posted: 4/08/2022

When looking it can be very overwellming, it certainly can help if you have a vibe what your looking at with your dream gown.  Try on various styles, fit and flare, plain or lace.  All gowns have a personality - find the one that matches your style.

Friend and family know you and your personalitly though it is your day, though lots of opions can be stressful.  Come on into  a wedding studio and enjoy the time, have fun.  Your wedding gown is your personality.  It should make you feel prety, sexy and present the very best version of yourself as you walk down the aisle.

May you enjoy the whole experience.

Kind regards 

Bernice Fashions

JRW Bridal And Couture

Perth Studios are in Mt Hawthorn & Alkimos.

(11) Posted: 2/08/2022

This is a topic I focused on in my latest blog and may help answer a few questions...

"This is where I really love to help! Having worked with brides for well over 10 years (with 13 years prior in luxury lingerie), I'm always amazed at how some brides are attracted to the wrong styles. I suggest you begin with selecting images of dresses that you absolutely love and just note down what elements of each dress really excites you, such as:

·       the shape or silhouette

·       the lace and fabric

·       the sleeve

·       the front neckline

·       the back details

·       waistlines, etc.  


This is easy to do on a Pinterest board or screenshots from Insta/websites. Next create a file with all your favourite styles, saving each one under the element that you love, i.e., the lace/style, etc. If you are more comfortable with the ‘ready to wear’ (RTW) wedding dress options, arriving at the store with an idea of what styles you love will give you the most out of your hour’s appointment. Be open to suggestions from your bridal stylist but also be aware that not all stylists are properly trained! If you are given advice that you know is more about the sale then about YOU, I would suggest you find a different store!


A stylist should know which silhouettes will be best for your figure. This really is a critical element when choosing your best wedding dress! It’s critical for feeling your most beautiful and it will give you the confidence as you step out in front of all your nearest and dearest on your Big Day!

However, if you're not wanting to go for the more traditional bridal styles or are after something more unique and reflective of your inner essence, then custom designs will be perfect for you!


Choosing the right Bridal Designer is like finding the perfect shop stylist! It's imperative that you click with the person who needs to see into your soul to create the dress of your dreams! It is an exciting and lengthy process, so you really need to be sure that the dynamics between you and your Designer are on point."


I hope this helps,

Joanne (Creative Director)

JRW Bridal & Couture

Eternal Weddings & Alterations

Melbourne & Surrounding Suburbs

(93) Posted: 2/08/2022

First thing would be to check the bridal boutique's "recent" Google reviews.

Bring along people you trust (eg Mum, any bridesmaids, etc. but not too many) that you feel would be proactive to making your decision.

Generally speaking you might have a style of dress that you think suites you which you may suggest when you first meet your consultant. Also it helps if you have some screenshots of gowns that you find appealing.

A great consultant in a well stocked store should be able to size you up with an IDEAL wedding gown that suites YOU for YOUR day at YOUR wedding for the appropriate time of year. It IS all about YOU.

You're absolutely right... your experience should be FUN and you should be confident in your final decision.

If you don't feel that, move on... you're in the wrong place.

Good luck,


Eternal Weddings, Camberwell.

(18) Posted: 2/08/2022

At our private Judith Penak studio we assure and deliver warm experience as we are pride of our knowledge 

Our listening skills assure that you have taken care of all your needs 

We encourage you to be a curious and keep asking questions if you not sure about simple detail 

looking forward to your visit in near future 

Judith Penak 

head designer 

(31) Posted: 2/08/2022

Our advice is

  • Do your research before the day, have a look around at the types of dresses you are drawn to the the types of shops you want to visit. Some bridal stores are huge and carry hundreds of dresses and others are more boutique and cater for a certain look that you might be after and of course check the reviews of the stores.
  • If you have picked well the bridal stores should have an experienced team that can help guide you around their collection, suggesting things that will suit your body type. 
  • Don't bring too many people with you, although this sounds fun it is very stressful and impossible to focus on what you want if you have so many opinions.
  • Around 3 shops in one day maximum, it is a lot more tiring than you think and make sure you have a plan for coffee stops and lunch.
  • Most importantly have fun and don't stress too much. Go with your gut instinct and try not to over think the whole process...

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