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Hi, I'm very picky when it comes to styling and have a certain vision in mind for my wedding dress. I was wondering how much it would cost roughly to have a dress custom made to my vision? Also if you could point me in the right direction that would be great! :)

Milli K

Question Asked: 6/01/2017

Wedding Date: 20/01/2018

Wedding Location: Sunbury, Victoria 3015

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Susan Ogg Designer

(17) · Brisbane and Surrounding Areas

Posted: 11/01/2017

Hi there

Costs to have a gown made to measure here in Australia by a professional designer/dressmaker will vary greatly. Most people will have a base starting price and this will vary according to the styles of gowns they make and the sorts of fabrics they use. You will require at least 4-5 fittings and when work starts again varies between businesses (at least 2-3 months, and often 6 months).

I can really only advise you on my process which does require at least 5 fittings, beginning with a calico toile. Mine is a proper bespoke process so you can choose whatever style or vision you have in mind. For me the starting price is usually around $2000. The other thing you need to keep in mind is that small operators like me do book out a long way in advance as if you don't employ staff there is a limit to how many jobs you can fit in, so book someone at least 8 months in advance, unless you are going through a big business.

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Lilli Marcs

(13) · Sydney / Australia Wide

Posted: 7/02/2017

Hi Milli

There is noting better than wedding gown is made for you .

Price of the gown all depends of the style you like the fabrics the lace

Always and Forever Bridal International

(125) · Melbourne

Posted: 8/01/2017

Hi Milli

Firstly congratulations on your forth coming wedding. We do Custom Design and make, as well as can customise pre-existing gowns depending on what design you are looking for we would always advise the cheapest course of action. Our Custom made on average are around $2,500 to $3,500 although can start lower and can go higher depending on design structure and fabrics etc. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions we may assist with.

Kind regards

Always and Forever Bridal International

Riverside Gowns

(24) · Melbourne, Yarra Valley and Surrounding Areas

Posted: 7/01/2017

Hi Milli,
Having a unique vision for your wedding gown is such a beautiful thing! Providing brides with unique, custom-made wedding gowns is our entire business philosophy. There are a few different interpretations of custom-made, and ours is that it's YOUR design from initial concept to finished product. We work with you and hand sketch your design so you can see it come to life from the start.
To answer your question about price, our custom-made gowns start from $1,200. Our prices include design, material, labour and two fitting and alteration sessions (prices vary depending on design and the material required). Our dressmaker has fittings down to such a fine art that two sessions is usually all our customers require. We're just about to post a compilation of gowns we designed in 2016 on Facebook, so you can find us and see for yourself that they're perfectly fitted for each bride. We also won first prize in the Brides Choice Awards for Bridal Couture in 2016.
We're located about an hour's drive from Sunbury, in Warrandyte, VIC. It's a beautiful location and we offer plenty of private parking.
If you'd like to send us some images that have inspired you, we can provide a more accurate quote. We can also provide package deals if you're considering custom-made bridesmaid gowns.
Congratulations and all the best,
Riverside Gowns Team

Chein Noir Dezines

(14) · Perth

Posted: 6/01/2017

I would love to help, but my business is focused on brides in Western Australia. My advice is to look at designers that offer you true couture service. first consultation should focus on what you want and designing your gown, choice of materials and finishes. Next you have a series of fittings to attend while your wedding gown is made a bit at the time until you are happy with it completely. If you want more info have a look at my website and have a read of my Blog.

La Belle Bridal Boutique

(52) · Canberra & ACT Wide

Posted: 6/01/2017

Hello there, thank you for your queries! Yes we do custom made dress and it depends on the style, fabric ect... The best way is for you to pay us a visit and we will go thru every single details with you then we will be able to give you an accurate quote. However our price range is from 1500 - $6500 Best wishes. La Belle Bridal

Sweethearts Bridal Boutique

(291) · NSW wide

Posted: 6/01/2017

Hi Millie, most bridal boutiques can make certain modifications to standard designs but if you are looking to go further than that then you may need to go to a couture dressmaker, however you will have to be prepared to pay considerably more for your gown. Good luck with your wedding


Dennis Roberts (Sweethearts Bridal)

Sew Master Fashions

(0) · Brisbane and Surrounding areas

Posted: 6/01/2017

There should be some dressmakers around your area making bespoke gowns, like us Sew Master Fashions, we made bespoke Bridal and Formal gowns in town. To get a bespoke gown done, it will take up to 4-5 fitting to get perfect, so it is better to get one closer to you. You may google 'Custom made Wedding dress' to find a goood one in your area, it usually take like 6-8 months to get done, so if your wedding is in 2018, you don't have to worry.

Kind Regards

Sew Master Fashions

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