What’s the lead time for a wedding dress now because of COVID?

Has covid changed how far out I need to order my wedding dress? What are the lead times for wedding dresses at the moment?

Question Asked: 22/06/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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White Lace


(3) Posted: 30/06/2021

Q: What lead time is required for a wedding gown now because of the pandemic ? 

A: Lead times haven’t changed for most bridal designers. Admittedly it’s been a challenge for brides during these challenging times not knowing how much time is needed to have their dresses made. As a designer/dressmaker I usually give 8 to 12 months out from your wedding date. 

However most designers will make every effort to have your gown made on time, particularly if a sudden unforeseen situation arisesSo consider a local recommended designer, who can be flexible and where you are able to attend fittings with little notice. 

Lead time is key to having your dress made, so to help you understand and navigate the process, it doesn’t begin until your measurements are taken and a deposit has been paid. Once the deposit is received and design specifications (like fabric choices) are outlined, the work to produce your gown begins over the next few months, which will include a number of fittings prior to you picking up your wedding gown.

Even if your wedding date has had to be changed, you WILL walk down the aisle, whether it’s with ten, thirty or a hundred attendees at your wedding.

Much love ??


PS: In 2020 many couples have had  to either postpone or even cancel their wedding dates. Now with the backlog, designers are working hard to get back to work full force, for brides wanting their dresses made, so consider supporting an Australian designer and trust them. 

JRW Bridal And Couture

Perth Studios are in Fremantle & Alkimos.

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Hi, ?? it is best to allow 10-12 months and 8 at a push!

I always say it's never too early to start planning your dress as soon as you have set your date and booked your venue! It is one of the most exciting  and it helps to tick it off your 'To Do' list, which in turn relieves some of the stress! ??

Hope this helps and if you're unsure about the best style for your figure and proportions, feel free to reach out for a virtual "Best style" session!

Fondly,  Jo ?? xx

(59) Posted: 24/06/2021

The leading time will be around 6 to 8 months to have your made-to-measure wedding dress ready.  This time frame will include the time for your fittings as well to ensure you will have your wedding gown with no rush. 

We would like to invite you to the largest bridal store of New South Wales to view and try on our gowns ??

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We make all of our gowns right here in our Sydney workroom and can give the reasurence of flexability, if for any reason you have to postpone your date or if you don't have a long lead time, we are so happy to have a gown ready in a short amount of time and have a great selection of fabrics and laces to choose from ready to go. If you have something specific in mind, sometimes we need to allow several weeks for it to arrive, so you're much better off planning ahead if you can. If you can't, always ask and we'd be happy to help where possible.

There's definately a big advantage to Australian made, especially at the moment. If you are planing to go with a gown manufactured overseas, as most general store bought gowns ordered in sizes are, the time fame given is often six months, although you'd have to check with indervidual suppliers as that could vary. Weigh up the options and ask around before feeling like you have to make a rushed on the spot decission that you could be sorry about later. Take into acount the cost of and time frame for alterations once your gown arrives as well, which can often be overlooked in the excitement of making the purchase. Consider supporting a local designer who can give you a gown that fis perfectly and an experience that you will always remember long after the wedding is over. Good luck!

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Hi lovely bride 

I do believe in your vision , when you ready for your couture wedding dress that is a best time 

Most popular time is 6-12 month and you don't need to stress out about anythin

our team will take it on board .


Judith Penak and team 

(9) Posted: 23/06/2021

Hi lovely,

As a made-to-measure boutique, we advise our brides to ideally give us around 8 months. This includes 2 fittings about 2 months before your wedding.

Rush orders are possible, and because we design our own gowns we are generally more flexible in terms of production times, etc.

I hope this helps, good luck in your search for 'the one', and if you're around Sydney, we would love to welcome you to our boutique!

Your Blanche Bridal team <3

Lylou the Label

Autralia Wide

(1) Posted: 23/06/2021

All Australian orders are sent via Australia Express Post. Domestic shipping takes 1-5 business days to arrive at its destination.

Timeless Elegance

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Lead times have not changed too much.  We always used to quote 6 months, with gowns arriving in around 16-20 weeks.  Last year that did stretch out a little bit, but only by 4 weeks .  This year most designers are back on track.  When you are in stores selectign your gown, the consultant should talk you through the lead times with the designers you choose.  Some designers will do rush orders, but these come at an additional cost.  We still encourage brides to select their gown around 6 - 8 months prior to their wedding, particularly if your wedding date is in peak season (Sept - March) to allow time for alterations. 

Lilli Marcs

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We need 6 months time to make made to  you measurements 

we can also rush one in 3 months 

Lilli Marcs 

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