Do we need to cater meals for our wedding suppliers?

Hi there. Wondering if we're supposed to cater meals for our wedding suppliers, and which suppliers are typically included? Need to factor into our budget.

Question Asked: 3/04/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Scoopalicious Gelato Cart Hire

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Posted: 30/11/2023

Catering meals for wedding suppliers is a common practice and is generally considered a thoughtful gesture. While it's not a strict requirement, providing meals for your wedding suppliers can contribute to a positive atmosphere and ensure that everyone involved in making your special day a success feels valued and taken care of. Many vendors, such as photographers, videographers, and wedding planners, often work long hours during weddings and may not have the opportunity to leave the venue to obtain a meal. Providing them with a meal ensures that they have the energy they need to perform their best throughout the event. When planning for your wedding, it's a good idea to discuss meal arrangements with your vendors in advance to understand their needs and preferences. Some vendors may have dietary restrictions or preferences, so it's helpful to gather this information early on to ensure that you can accommodate their needs. Ultimately, while it's not mandatory to cater meals for wedding suppliers, doing so can be a considerate and appreciated gesture that contributes to a positive working relationship and a successful event.

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Bombshell Coffee

(0) · Tasmania

Posted: 12/04/2023


Sorry for late reponse. I wouldn't expect you to have to cater meals for your wedding suppliers, not in my expereince anyway.


Riverside Woodfired Pizza

(3) · South Australia

Posted: 5/04/2023

I know what it's like to be hangry, so I feed the bar staff and photographers when we're catering for a wedding. Free of charge. In return I ask the bar staff for a drink and the photographer to send through a photo or two that I can use to promote my business. I find this is a win-win for everyone.  

2 Cooks in the Kitchen

(0) · Far North Coast / Byron Bay / Lismore

Posted: 4/04/2023

It is usually expected that you provide your Suppliers with something to eat if they are on-site during a meal time.   

These would include:


Bar Staff


We can supply a seperate, less expensive option.

Kombi Keg Mobile Bar Sydney

(2) · Sydney, Penrith, Blue Mountains and Surrounds

Posted: 4/04/2023

We are a mobile bar service, often at the same event for up to 12 hours. The locations we travel to are usually quite remote and there is no where to grab a bite to eat. Whilst we don't have any contract witten to say we require meals (and we never expect or ask to be fed on the day), we find it's always offered to us on the day which we really appreciate and value very much! It's a really nice gesture and it helps us keepour strength up to ensure you have a great bar experience!

HC Catering

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Posted: 4/04/2023

Many people do choose to feed their suppliers, sometimes you'll find it is even part of your contract! It's entirely up to you to decide, whether they will get the same as everyone else, or maybe just a plate of main course, or something simpler. As HC Catering often have woodfired ovens onsite at events, we find our customers often opt to provide woodfired pizza for their suppliers; these are a great cost effective choice.  It's up to you, the customer, to decide based on the arrangements you have with your suppliers, and also the relationship ytou have with them!

Sprout Catering

(21) · Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and Surrounding Areas

Posted: 4/04/2023

Yes we suggest supplying a "crew meal" for your on-site vendors. 

Photographers, DJ or band members, photo booth operator. 

Good 2 Eat Catering

(2) · Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Noosa

Posted: 4/04/2023

Generally, vendors will request a meal served when they are on site for an extended period of time, we offer a discounted rate for vendors.


Plenty Catering Co.

(7) · South Australia

Posted: 4/04/2023

It's entirely your perogative. However there is sometimes an expectation by the suppliers. To avoid any confusion or misgivings, please advise them from the outset whether you are providing them with a whole or part meal during the reception. We are happy to discuss this with you at Plenty Catering Co on 'ph 08 83710505 anytime.

C'est Bon Catering & Gathering

(5) · Cairns / Port Douglas

Posted: 4/04/2023

That is at your discretion and it depends alos on how much you pay them.
your caterer should be able to provide "staff meal" at a reduced cost.

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