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How much alcohol to buy??

Hi! We have a standard beer and wine package for our wedding but we are also including spirits that we need to provide. How many bottles should I get for a 100-person wedding? And what spirits should I get? Thanks!

Updated : 29/11/2023

2 answers

Do we need to cater meals for our wedding suppliers?

Hi there. Wondering if we're supposed to cater meals for our wedding suppliers, and which suppliers are typically included? Need to factor into our budget.

Updated : 3/04/2023

12 answers

Which is better value - a bar tab or drinks package at our wedding?

We're inviting about 80 people to our wedding. Trying to decide between a bar tab and drinks package. When is it best to have each?

Updated : 27/03/2023

8 answers

Late-night snack ideas for our wedding

Hi! We love the idea of the midnight snack at our reception for the late partygoers. What are some unique/fun ideas that our guests will love?

Updated : 20/03/2023

6 answers

Do you charge more for catering on a New Year's Eve wedding?

Would we be looking at surcharges or a different price list for catering if our wedding was on nye?

Updated : 7/03/2023

9 answers

Does our caterer need to be in the same location as the venue?

How far will caterers travel for a wedding? What are the extra travel costs, if any?

Updated : 3/02/2023

4 answers

Best vegan menu ideas for our wedding

Hello, we have a few guests with vegan dietary requirements coming to our wedding. What are some plant based menu ideas that are a hit? Canapes, main and dessert please. Thank you!

Updated : 5/12/2022

4 answers

Is shared/feasting style catering dead?

I've been seeing more and more single-serve food ideas for weddings — does this mean shared/feasting style is on the way out? Or was that just a response during covid? Does single-serve catering cost more? Thanks.

Updated : 28/11/2022

6 answers

Signature cocktail ideas to serve our guests during cocktail hour

We love the idea of serving a signature cocktail to our guests as they arrive at our reception. Have you got some interesting ideas as well as the crowd favourites?

Updated : 17/10/2022

7 answers

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