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Recently asked questions

Updated : 13/06/2017

Since kids meals are cheaper, how old does a child have to be before I have to pay for an adult meal for them? I'm trying to decide whether it's worth inviting children at all if I have to pay for expensive meals they probably won't even enjoy.
5 answers

Updated : 9/06/2017

Updated : 15/05/2017

My partner and I are trying to budget for the alcohol, and aren't sure how many drinks we should be catering per person. The reception will be for 4 hours.
4 answers

Updated : 15/05/2017

What is a luncheon reception?
Is it just a fancy word for lunch?
3 answers

Updated : 12/05/2017

Updated : 4/04/2017

I am not interested in a sit down style meal, and I hate buffets. Is there other ways to do this? The only one the interests me so far is food trucks, but can they feed 200 at once?! Should I have a few? Do most venues allow food trucks?
8 answers

Updated : 14/03/2017

Or do most just have set packages?
15 answers

Updated : 22/01/2017

A lot of my friends are vegan (30% of our guests) and I don't know how to navigate the food issue as my family all eat meat and will want it.
10 answers