How long before the wedding should we be looking at wedding cakes?

Question Asked: 13/01/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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CAKED by Carissa

(3) · Sydney & Surrounding Areas, Southern highlands, Central Coast

Posted: 9/08/2023

There is no rule, but I'd suggest booking no later than 6 months out, but ultimately it depends on the cake maker and their availability. Obviously the earlier you enquire the higher the chance they will have availability. That being said I regularly have people booking wedding cake 2-3 months out. If I am available, its not a problem and in some ways is preferable as there is far less back and forth.

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Metro Designer Cakes

(5) · Adelaide & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 14/03/2023

Generally, I say sooner the better!, especailly if your looking at booking a bespoke cake decorating studio. Often bespoke designers will only take on 1 or 2 cakes per week to focus on quality! Contact your short listed designer & check their availibility.

Nikos Cakes

(232) · Victoria

Posted: 23/02/2023

We do ask for at least 4 months and if you give us more time this is so much better.  Certain designs require us to purchase decorations  from overseas, which of course may need months to arrive. 

Sammie Cakes

(8) · Hunter Valley | Newcastle | Sydney | Central Coast

Posted: 19/01/2023

The sooner the better! Especially if your wedding falls in a ''busy'' wedding month (think October). 

Outside of this, typically 6-9 months is perfect! 


Sammie Cakes

My Delicious Cakes & Decorating

(8) · Perth

Posted: 16/01/2023

At least 3-6 months from the wedding. to ensure every thing is instore ready for your big day.

Bon Appe-Sweet

(17) · Melbourne

Posted: 15/01/2023


Thank you for asking - we would recommend giving your cake supplier as much notice as possible. This allows them the time to plan for your booking or to source florals or other materials needed for your design (especially if they are coming from overseas or are hard to source items).
Most of our couples are booking generally 3-6 months in advance, however if we have shorter notice than that and we have the capacity to accept the order then we generally will help if we can.
kind regards,
Lynda :)

Kaikai Cakery

(6) · Gold Coast and Surrounds

Posted: 15/01/2023

I would say at a minimin 3 Months depending on the cake supplier, as much notice as possible is always best especially if your design requires the designer to order things in for it. 

For Example:

Cake topper


Specialised Designs

Vines Cakes

(18) · Perth

Posted: 14/01/2023


Thank you for your question. On average i would say that most couple book 1 year to 18 months ahead. 

We advise booking early especially if your wedding is in the most popular month which are February-March and October-November.

Wedding vendors are usually fully booked in these months so securing your place early is advisable.

Winter wedding months are not as busy. Our business requires a small deposit to secure the date and details can be discussed at a later time in order for your date to be secure. I hope this helps.

Kind Regards


Cake Love

(18) · Perth & Surrounds

Posted: 14/01/2023

Our normal response to couples is 6 to 9 months before your wedding.  Though, if it's a very popular month we would say 12 months.  The very busy months here in WA are April, May and November - these often get booked out 12months in advance. 
Hope this helps. 

Kind regards

The Cake Love Team xx

Rimma's Wedding Cakes

(35) · Perth & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 14/01/2023

Hi there,  all depends on your wedding month , can you please provide me information when is your wedding will be?

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