Do cake makers provide toppers or do we source them ourselves?

If not, where is the best place to buy? (Can we hire any?)

Question Asked: 20/02/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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LazyCakes by Lauren

(8) · Melbourne, Metro, Gippsland, Dandenong ranges, Victoria

Posted: 13/05/2024

Personally I offer both - I can make bride and groom figurines myself or contact one of my suppliers to create a personalised acrylic topper 

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CAKED by Carissa

(3) · Sydney & Surrounding Areas, Southern highlands, Central Coast

Posted: 9/08/2023

It depends on the cake maker, their services and skills. I design custom cake toppers for my cakes, so I can make sure they fit the cake size and design exactly. The cake topper is part of the design, not placed on top after the fact. It also gives me the ability to match colours, fonts and any other designs at my clients wedding.

Your cake maker can definately source a cake topper for you if you would like, however, there may be additional costs including time for research and postage. If you want to source your own, I would ask your cake maker to advise the best size for your cake and ideally send them a reference before purchasing so they can make sure it will work with the design.

Kaikai Cakery

(6) · Gold Coast and Surrounds

Posted: 23/05/2023

We normally like to supply it as it can me cut to the right measurments of the cake your after, but if you wish to order one yourself please discuss the cake size to the person you are ordering from so it fits the cake.

Metro Designer Cakes

(5) · Adelaide & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 14/03/2023

Personally, I like to provide toppers. It's one less thing you need to organise! Toppers I supply are generally created from sugar, or acrylic. Talk to your cake designer to see what they supply.

The Potoroo Pantry

(2) · Geelong / Great Ocean Rd

Posted: 22/02/2023

Wedding toppers can be very different depending on the couple. I am able to source and place toppers on your cake at set up if I have a clear idea of what you would like, and I will factor the price into the quote.

Sometimes couples prefer to get their own topper, through etsy or custom made (most cake decorating shops/online stores offer them), and will provide it to me to be placed on the cake with any other arrangements. 

Vines Cakes

(18) · Perth

Posted: 21/02/2023

Hi, We are able to supply cake toppers if we know what you require and will confirm the cost with you prior. Many couples

often purchase one in the lead up to the wedding day when something catches their eye. Either way we would put on the cake at set up.


Maree Bakes

(0) · Perth/ Swan Valley/Upper Swan/Middle Swan/Guildford/Perth Hills/Joondalup

Posted: 21/02/2023

It does depend on your cake maker but most will be able to organise a cake topper for you. The great thing about getting your cake designer to arrange the cake topper is that they will make sure that the topper fits your cake size and works with your design. 

Dragonfly Cakes

(32) · Hunter Valley & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 21/02/2023

it does depend on the cake decorator but I have a couple of suppliers for acrylic topppers and also for modeled ornament styles - so depending on what my couples would like I can either arrange it for them or pass on my suppliers details. I am also fine with my couples ordering their own toppers and I just ask them to let me know before hand cause I can offer suggestions on the size of the topper and sometimes we need to know ahead of time cause ornamental toppers can be quite heavy so we may need to add structure to the cake to support it or even design the floral arrangement around the topper itself. 

Etsy and Ebay are still a major source of toppers for weddings, searching on instagram will also give good results as most business that make toppers happily ship them across the country. I've also purchased toppers for couples via Etsy and had them shipped from the UK and the USA as there was nowhere local that made the specific type of topper they wanted.

Nikos Cakes

(232) · Victoria

Posted: 21/02/2023

We do offer toppers are personalised with your initials or name. They are lazer cut, and come in many colours which we can also match to the font of your invite.

My Delicious Cakes & Decorating

(8) · Perth

Posted: 21/02/2023

Tippers for you are are  very personal, we have a variety in our store and can make custom pieces as well. But every couple is unique and if they have purchased or want to purchase a different topper then I am all for the couple to do so. Its my couples day and that is all that matters.

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