Can we still have a large multi-tiered wedding cake even though we're having an intimate wedding?

We're having a small wedding of 30 people, but I love the look of a four-tiered cake. What are our options?


Question Asked: 15/05/2023

Wedding Date: 3/11/2024

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CAKED by Carissa

(1) · Sydney & Surrounding Areas, Southern highlands, Central Coast

Posted: 9/08/2023

Yes you can. Faux tiers are a simple solution to this, however not all styles of cake will work with faux tiers, and not all cake makers work with them either. I generally advise my clients to also consider the size of the venue and guest numbers when considering the size of their cake. For instance, small wedding cakes are very popular, but if you have a wedding with 200 people, in a huge venue, the cake is very likely to be swallowed up by the room. I would say the same applies to a large wedding cake in a small setting. You dont want the cake to look out of place, or obviously fake. However, ultimately, the size of your wedding cake is up to you, so if you want a huge cake, go for it!

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Sammie's Sweets

(8) · Mornington Peninsula and Dandenong Ranges

Posted: 5/07/2023

You absolutely can have a large tiered cake for small weddings, 

if you request or ask your baker to make "dummy" cakes it will give the allusion of a large cake without it all being cake. 
I offer it quite oftern for brides on a budget or wanting a large cake without all the cake. 

Kaikai Cakery

(6) · Gold Coast and Surrounds

Posted: 23/05/2023

Absolutely and if you didn't want the cake there is a thing called "FAKE" cake, where the outside looks real but it is actually stryofoam dummy.

The Potoroo Pantry

(2) · Geelong / Great Ocean Rd

Posted: 18/05/2023

This can be possible with the use of styrofoam 'dummy' tiers as well as the bottom tier of actual cake, however we do not personally offer large multi-tiered options to our customers - our area of expertise lies in creating beautiful and delicious one and two-tier cakes and enticing dessert tables.

For something different we can create a bespoke doughnut or macaron tower with a 6 or 8 inch wedding cake on top, which looks incredible.

Brown Sugar Cakes

(29) · Newcastle, Hunter valley and central coast region

Posted: 16/05/2023

Yes you can , there are options of styro-foam to make your cake larger.

Dragonfly Cakes

(31) · Hunter Valley & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 16/05/2023

Definitely - this is where the use of dummy tiers really comes into its own.

Dummy or styrofoam cake tiers allow us to create huge cakes without the excess cake and it also allows us to appear to defy gravity and use unusual shapes as well - so in situations where real cake would be a massive challenge or even impossible. 

It does depend on your style of cake though, if you are having exposed tiers (like a naked or semi naked cake design where the design is reliant on you seeing the cake layers through the outer coating on the tier) then you need to use cake but if your tiers are fully covered (buttercream, ganache, fondant, chocolate etc) then a dummy or styrofoam cake tier would work really well.

If your heart is set on a semi naked or naked cake then maybe you could mix some tiers up design wise - so have a couple in that style and then have 1-2 in a covered style and make them the dummy tiers. 

Vines Cakes

(17) · Perth

Posted: 16/05/2023

Hi, You can certainly still have a four tiered cake for your wedding. We would advise that you had the bottom larger tier

as cake which would serve your guests and is the tier that is cut at your reception.

The other 3 tiers can be styrofoam and covered in the same outer decoration to match. This can be buttercream, ganache

or a fondant icing.

Happy to discuss further, 


Del's Cake Designs

(6) · Perth & surrounding areas.

Posted: 16/05/2023

Absolutely, just add fake tiers along with cake tier/tiers, you can't tell the difference.  

Deelish Cake Creations

(6) · Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Hinterland & Gold Coast

Posted: 16/05/2023

Yes absolutely! Dummy tiers, or foam tiers, can be used to elongate your cake design. Alternatively modern cake spacers are also a wonderful idea to create a levitating and tall cake design without excess cake.

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