My mum is very Catholic and wants me to have a Catholic priest at my wedding

However, my partner does not. Is there any way I could combine the two to keep both parties happy? I want some Catholic elements, but not the whole service.


Question Asked: 10/09/2021 Wedding Date: 24/10/2022

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Chris White Celebrant

Canberra and surrounding Region

(8) Posted: 4/06/2022

In short, yes you can have a catholic priest involved alongside a civil celebrant, or even catholic sentiment/ceremony infused in the ceremony.  You may find yourself involved in much compromise here though which in turn may be moving away from what YOU and your partner want this celebration and experience to be.  Rather than being overly concerned with what it is your mum wants.  For mine, front and centre is what the couple want as that is who I would be working with and for.  And then there is finding a religious celebrant that may (or not) be less willing to compromise - but this is not my wheelhouse and you would of course need to look to bring the religious celebrant alongside.  That said, there are many civil celebrant's who are of a religious bent that could well be the compromise that keeps most people happy. But then I go back to my basic tenet - it is about what the couple are looking for.  No doubt Mum will likely be happy with whatever ceremony you decide.

(6) Posted: 15/12/2021

Many Celebrants such as myself are Catholic and would be happy to include prayers or readings.

My mother was a devout Catholic but the first of my ceremonies she attended, she loved.

There are also a small number of independent Catholic priests who are not tied to a diocese and hence are registered as Civil Celebrants but still consider themselves priests. 

In addition, I have conducted a number of ceremonies where the chosen 'Minister' was not a registered Marriage Celebrant and so I stepped in from the wings to solemnise the marriage which allowed the minister considerable freedom in his part.

There are also some churches that can be hired for weddings conducted by Civil or religious Celebrants.

It is of course very important that you and your partner are in agreement as to what will be included and who your Celebrant should be.

Marriage is a partnership and you should both be able to enjoy your ceremony.

Jacaranda Ceremonies

Port Stephens, everywhere in Australia

(2) Posted: 9/10/2021

Hello Bride

Celebrants are trained to give you as a couple the beautiful ceremony with all the  elements that you want on your special day, including any religious components  It is a ceremony to join you and your loving partner as well as two families, but it is your ceremony, so you and your partner must agree on all of the ceremony and sign this off with your Celebrant.  If your Mum feels including religious elements  in your ceremony is not enough for her, perhaps you and she can do something religious such as go to Mass together the weekend before your marriage.   Wishing you a wonderful cermony and a very happy life with your partner.

(6) Posted: 1/10/2021

You can absolutely include religious elements in a civil marriage ceremony. You may choose to open with the Lord's Prayer, have a Bible passage or other blessing read by a loved one, or take part in a ritual such as a ring ceremony. You and your partner could opt to recite the traditional Catholic wedding vows, alongside the mandatory legal vows - which your celebrant will explain to you!

(6) Posted: 1/10/2021

I feel as it's your special day and should be a reflection of what the two of you want.

As a Celebrant I would encourage the two of you to consider that your married life will be filled with compromises so maybe this is the start of how you both negotiate this particular compromise.

I think if you want some Catholic elements then you can incorporate them and invite your partner to include something that he would like. 

Your planning can then be a win / win for all and you can both enjoy the day equally. xx

Just Us Two Marriage Celebrant

Perth, Margaret River and South West WA

(12) Posted: 27/09/2021


Incorporating both a Catholic Priest and an Authorised Marriage Celebrant is accomplishable, however, depending on if you are going to get married in a Catholic church setting, you will need to ask permission from the Priest of that church if they are happy to have this arrangement. 

Also establish who will be responsible for the legals to the marriage (either the Celebrant or the Priest)?

Sometimes it can be very challenging to please everyone involved

(5) Posted: 21/09/2021

Its always very hard to make everybody else happy when it comes to your wedding. It is a day for you both to enjoy and make your promises to each other. A celebrant can add many things into the cermony such as blessings and prayers. The right celebrant can bring different elements to a ceremony that hopefully will satisfy you both on your day.

Trevor Rice Celebrant

Melbourne and surrounding areas

(14) Posted: 15/09/2021

Even though I am not a Religious Celebrant I have no problem incorporating religious readings or prayers into a ceremony. I have even shared a ceremony with a Baptist Minister in his church, who once the couple were married said a prayer. The groom was a Hindu and the bride was an Indonesian Christian so really what the couple want in their ceremony is important and they are the clients. In answer to the Bride's question if Mum wants a Catholic Priest to attend or even share part of the ceremony I have no problem with that. The difficulty may be locating a Catholic Priest who is willing to leave his church and share the ceremony with a celebrant.

Good luck with your search - Trevor

(119) Posted: 15/09/2021

Having Catholic elements in your wedding ceremony is absolutely possible without having a Catholic priest as your officiant.  As a Catholic myself, I am very comfortable with including prayers and religious readings within a ceremony for my couples if they want it.  

I have married Catholics who would have married in a church but can't because they are divorcees, but their faith was important to them and they wanted some of their faith included.  Also one couple explained to me that the reason why it has taken them so long to get married was because they hadn't found a civil celebrant who shared and understood their same deep faith which was very important to them.

Similarly I have married couples who had their minister/pastor present to do a small part within their ceremony as well.  So if you know of a Catholic priest who will be willing and happy to 'share the stage' (so to speak) with your celebrant for your wedding. Hope this helps you and all the best.

Memories and Moments in Time - Dean Eddy Civil Marriage Celebrant

Melbourne and surrounds, the wider State of Victoria and the rest of Australia

(21) Posted: 15/09/2021

The wonderful thing about having a civil ceremony officiated by a civil celebrant, means you have the flexibility to craft your ceremony the way you like it. This means you can include different components/people into the service. This should help you keep everyone happy and ensure your day is filled with lasting memories for everyone. Happy planning Dean   

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