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Shelley Roylance of Celebrancy by Shelley loves working with her couples to deliver a ceremony that is truly unique to their love story. Creating pathways for all communities and abilities, Shelley is passionate about ensuring her ceremonies are inclusive and accessible for all, making sure your day is one to remember.

I specialise in creating inclusive and accessible wedding ceremonies in a way that's captivating for you and your guests with a sprinkle of laughter, tears and a bundle of love and energy.

Your ceremony is the perfect opportunity to kick start the party of life together so connect with me now to see when we can meet and get you celebration underway.

I'm passionate about access, inclusion and respect. My pronouns are She / Her, what are yours?

Creating the perfect wedding ceremony where everyone actually feels like they belong, regardless of their ability is important to me.

Whether it’s a quick legals only Registry-style ceremony or a Bespoke ceremony written from the heart, your wedding ceremony should reflect your love and personalities. Forget the cheap and book the affordable option which caters for you and your love.

Together we’ll create your special day just as you imagined it, a sprinkle of laughter, tears and a bundle of love, while I take care of all the stress and legals and paperwork you and your love can focus on spending time with those you love the most.

I'm based on Kuarna Land but will travel anywhere in Australia. I always include an Acknowledgement of Country in my ceremonies because it's the right thing to do. 


I understand that it’s important to have someone you trust have your back, be on your side, and ‘get you’. I love to combine my passion for creative writing with my passion for access and inclusion, it’s the best of both worlds.

Ms Shelley Roylance

Business Owner

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Your wedding can be for any date up to and including 30 June 2024, subject of course to Marriage Act 1961 notice and legal requirements and my availability.

So if you've found your 'one' shoot me a message now so we can plan the next step in your love story and embrace a saving at the same time. 

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Legals Only Registry Style Ceremony

Perfect for those who just want to marry their loved one with minimal expense and planning. I'll say a few words, you'll both say your vows, we'll sign the certificate and your two witnesses will do their bit. It's simple and fuss free.

Pricing from $390

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Intimate Personal Ceremony

An intimate and personal marriage ceremony, ideal for couples who want to share their love in a beautiful location with only their nearest and dearest.

I'll write you a fun and loving ceremony or you can select a templated ceremony including a ring exchange and personal vows. For those who want to keep their expenses down and enjoy an intimate wedding ceremony.

Pricing from $590.

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From The Heart Bespoke Ceremony

A bespoke ceremony which reflects your personality and love journey with the inclusion of as many rituals and readings and a ring ceremony as you would like with as many loved ones as you want present.

A feature of the Fromt the Heart Wedding Ceremony package is the inclusion of your marriage ceremony script in a professionally printed photo book with the option for you to include photos from the day. This offer is only for couples who book me via the Easy Weddings site. 

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Wow that's a great question and one I'm asked often. Your children can be included through a range of ways and not just in the wedding party. Consider asking them to do a reading or a poem - I have loads in my resources.

How about asking each of them to light their own candle and all together using those candles to light the new unity candle symbolising the joining of your families.

Or each could participate in blending coloured sand into a gorgeous jar or vase which is kept forever.

If they suffer a bit from stage fright and don't want to participate out loud in the ceremony they can write you a love note to include in a time capsule.

I have dozens of ideas and love sharing them with couples and their extended families.

Let's chat about this over a coffee or some bubbles.

Absolutely not!

If it's not your thing then you don't have to include it - there are a few compulsory words which are required in every marriage ceremony, but they're not related to rings, so if it's not your thing, let's work on leaving it out. 

There are loads of other things you can include or not. The day / ceremony should only be about you celebrating your love for each other with the people who mean the most to both of you. 

Call me to see what other options I can offer you. 

A Marriage Celebrant is responsible for ensuring the marriage is legally conducted and that all paperwork is registered in a manner compliant with the Marriage Act 1961. There is a requirement for the following paperwork to be completed and lodged:

  • Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) - this must be completed and lodged with your chosen Celebrant between 1 month and 18 months of the wedding date.
  • Declaration of No Legal Impediment (DoNLI) - this is usually completed closer to the wedding date, at the rehearsal is a good idea. 
  • Wedding Certificate and Marriage Register - will be signed following the wedding. 

Apart from the legalities, a Marriage Celebrant will meet with you to determine your needs.  It is usual for a Celebrant to provide you with a long questionnaire, its important that you take the time to complete this fully as it will give your Celebrant information to write your ceremony. They will work with you to craft a beautiful ceremony for your event. This will include meeting as many times as it takes, emails and phone calls to satisfy you.

The Celebrant is often responsible for providing a PA system to ensure all your guests are included in the event and can hear your ceremony clearly.

The Celebrant can incorporate a number of rituals into the Ceremony including but not limited to:

  • Candle lighting
  • Sand pouring
  • Hand fasting
  • Ring ceremony
  • Jumping the broom
  • ring warming
  • wine ceremony
  • Love letters
  • Time capsule
  • Tree planting
  • Cultural rituals

There are many other options for rituals, just ask me for suggestions. 

The Celebrant will also attend your rehearsal and this is highly recommended.

Following the marriage ceremony the Celebrant will ensure the documentation is delivered to the office of Births Deaths and Marriages and is legally registered. 

Notice of Intended Marriage. This document must be completed one month prior to the actual date but can be completed up to 18 months ahead of the actual date. 

This form is usually completed in the presence of the Celebrant. The Celebrant must sight legal documentation  including birth certificate, passport, drivers licence etc. 

Declaration of No Legal Impediment. This form is usually signed very close to the wedding date, often at the rehearsal. This form is where the couple declare that they do not consider there is anything which could impede the forthcoming marriage. 

Official Certificate of Marriage. This is completed once the ceremony itself is done. Both parties to the wedding,  the witnesses and the Celebrant sign this document. 

As many times as needed to satisfy you that the ceremony will be what you want. 

There will be an initial telephone enquiry from you to determine whether I am free on your preferred date. 

This will be followed up with an obligation free introduction to each other meeting, in person. 

You need to be sure that I am the right person for you and that I match your style. 

Once you agree to contract me we will meet to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage. I will also ask lots of questions about you and your relationship. I will take lots of notes.

We will generally not meet again unless you want to have a rehearsal prior to the actual date.

Then there is the day itself. 

If however you feel you need to contact me on any other occasion, please feel free to call, email, text or ask for a meeting with me. 

Yes certainly. Family members can be included in your service in a number of ways Including:

  • readings, 
  • poetry
  • singing
  • ring bearer
  • Participant in any ritual you choose.

Of course you can. There are however certain legal phrases which by law are not able to be changed but everything else in the ceremony can be personalised by you or for you.

It's your wedding day, and as long as you have the two of you and your two witnesses, and everyone is legally able to participate that's all you need.

I love animals and would be happy to work with you to include something special for you and your pets. 

It's not uncommon for a pet dog, cat or sheep for example to be a ring bearer.

Note that you will need to assign responsibility to someone within your network for ensuring the safety of everyone around the pet.

Remember it's your wedding and it's all about ensuring your day is what you want.

More than likely it was not an intentional moment but rather a slip or a circumstance that wasn’t communicated beforehand or expected.

By all means feed that back to the person and if you then don’t feel you are being taken seriously enough put your comments in writing.

It may be that the person didn’t realise the significance of the incident to you and will value that you took the time to do this to improve their service in the future. 


I'm all for inclusion and to be honest, there are no words to express how happy I was that Australia finally accepted that love is love, and that who you love doesn't mean you can't marry. 

I love that I finally have the opportunity to marry couples regardless of how each person identifies.

Oh and my pronouns are She / Her what are yours?

Love is love and should be celebrated at every opportunity!

With one in five Australians living with a disability including twoclose family members, I understand how barriers can pop up at the most unexpected times. I'm great at navigating a win/win for everyone.

Nothing would make me happier than working with people with disabilities. I have a large and loving family spread throughout the world and understand some of the issues faced by those with physical and intellectual disabilities. 

I can use Australian Sign Language and can conduct pre-meetings in Auslan.

I've completed the Autism SA, Autism Friendly Charter training because I know that it is important to understand differences in our society and the best way to work with couples and their families.

I'd be delighted to meet and discuss your opportunities for an inclusive celebration. 

Yes I can.

I have studied Auslan for the past six years and if you wish we can conduct your wedding ceremony in Auslan. I know many NAATI qualified Interpreters who we can book to help out.

One thing to consider is that we can conduct the entire ceremony in Auslan only if both parties (the couple) and both of their legal witnesses are able to understand the language.

I'm more than happy to work with an interpreter though and would love the opportunity to meet and discuss your wedding plans.

Hell yeah! 

So many couples are choosing the pandemic as their reason to have a short notice wedding with all the trimmings. Not only can you have your wedding but you can upscale all your catering options due to a smaller number of attendees. Better bang for buck I say. 

All you need is one month's notice and a Celebrant who is available (call me first to check). 

There's no stress deciding who you have to invite, just let everyone know that you're only going to invite the bare essentials to your special event, we can even live-stream it for you to everyone else. 

Imagine doing this with say four or six week's notice. Wow what a pleasure, I have so many happy couples doing just this right now. 

And if you're in Adelaide the Adelaide Park Lands are available at no cost up to August 2022 to have as your venue. Our wonderful Council is providing this as a bonus, get your wedding venue free and then lash out on a spectacular dinner with minimal fuss. 

Call me today to book your special day now. 

How many:

The legal requirement is for you to have two witnesses. They must be over 18 years of age. 

You don't have to know them, and in fact many of my clients who book my Registry Style Ceremony ask me to provide them, for a small fee this can be arranged. 

Alternatively you can nominate two of your guests to take this role on. 

What is the role of the witness:

The witnesses must hear you say your legal vows and witness your signatures on the Official Certificate of Marriage. 

They will also sign the Official Certificate of Marriage and their full name will be recorded there as well. 

How can I choose from my family and friends:

Sometimes couples find it difficult to pick from their loved ones. In these circumstances I suggest that they consider doing a witness raffle or witness bingo to find two people for this role in the ceremony. 

I will explain during the ceremony that we will be doing this as they couldn't pick from the beautiful people here today and from there we will draw two names out of a bowl or alternatively hand out small bingo cards for everyone to mark off. The first two to complete the card are the legal witnesses. It's a fun and engaging way of keeping your guests in the spirit of your ceremony and actually including them. 

Guests love this little ritual. 

Alternatively you can write a list of family names down and we can draw the two witnesses from them as well. 

Call me today to chat about how we can spice up your special day. 

7 reviews 4.9 Write a Review

November 2022

Excellent service by Shelley who did a wonderful job in both planning and executing the day (and went above and beyond , in my opinion). We will be forever grateful to Shelley for helping us create a moving ceremony - thank you! Would highly recommend to anyone.

Stuart J.

Celebrancy by Shelley

Stu I can't thank you enough for booking me I so enjoyed working with you both. Your wedding was so very special and loved that gorgeous rainy day. Your willingness to allow me to suggest options to enhance the ceremony and include your guests was fabulous. I feel so humbled by your beautiful words. Speaking with your family and friends before and after the ceremony I know that my intuition that you are meant to be together is right. Thank you again, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.

June 2021

Todd and I knew the day we met Shelley at a Wedding Expo that we wanted her to be a part of our wedding. As soon as we started talking with Shelley, we felt comfortable, and when we asked questions about the structure of the day, she responded by stepping us through how the ceremony would unfold, this made us feel confident that she was able to lead the day. Having a Celebrant who was confident, had structure, and was able to lead the day was very important to us, as the ceremony involved two children with Autism.

Simone D.

Celebrancy by Shelley

Working with you and your gorgeous family was such a pleasure Simone and Todd. I am so happy you could relax and allow me to take all the legal responsibility for your beautiful day.

June 2021

We decided to go with Shelley for our wedding ceremony earlier this month. From the very first contact i made with Shelley over the phone, she was an absolute delight and shown a great sense of understanding as we were going to have our ceremony in the Hindu Temple. Yes! :) #INDIANWEDDING Shelley was great 💯% and did our marriage registration in the Hindu temple. We met couple times before the ceremony. She made it very easy to understand the process and documentation involved in getting married. She also visited temple before the wedding for us to understand the hindu indian culture, she even got in touch with priest in the temple to ensure everything run smooth on the day. She was very respectful of the traditions involved in the hindu indian marriage + was very respectful towards temple rules and instructions. Shelley was very supportive of everything leading up

Jatin B.

Celebrancy by Shelley

Jatin you and Diya were such a pleasure to work with. I found the process of familiarising myself with Temple protocols wonderful and so colourful and can't wait to do more Indian weddings.

March 2022

Great!! Extremely helpful throughout the entire ride. Professional but very friendly. Shelley helped lift a lot of stress off my shoulders

Bridget V.

Celebrancy by Shelley

Thank you for your beautiful words Bridget, I so enjoyed working with you and Rami and I don't think you could have asked for a better day and a prettier location. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of working with you both and enjoy your married life together xx

June 2021

Thank you for making our special day as special as it was. The ceremony was small, intimate and it was everything we wanted it to be and more. Finding a celebrant during this pandemic was not easy, Shelley was so lovely and accepted to officiate our wedding. We will forever be thankful.

Eric T.

Celebrancy by Shelley

Eric and Vanessa, at the height of the pandemic when uncertainty was at it's greatest meeting you cemented why I love being a marriage celebrant. Knowing I was able to assist you both in sealing your relationship filled my heart with happiness. Thank you for selecting me as your Marriage Celebrant.

Expert Advice

expert advice

As a wedding professional, Celebrancy by Shelley offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Get Expert Advice

My mum is very Catholic and wants me to have a Catholic priest at my wedding

However, my partner does not. Is there any way I could combine the two to keep both parties happy? I want some Catholic elements, but not the whole service.

Celebrancy by Shelley

I feel as it's your special day and should be a reflection of what the two of you want.

As a Celebrant I would encourage the two of you to consider that your married life will be filled with compromises so maybe this is the start of how you both negotiate this particular compromise.

I think if you want some Catholic elements then you can incorporate them and invite your partner to include something that he would like. 

Your planning can then be a win / win for all and you can both enjoy the day equally. xx

Madeleine S

Can we write our own ring element into our wedding ceremony?

Wondering if the ring part of our ceremony can be personalised or if it has to be what everyone else has?

Celebrancy by Shelley

What a great question, and the answer is Heck Yes!

Your ring ceremony would be a wonderful part of the process to personalise.

There are no rules on what is said during a ring ceremony.  

In fact I married a couple who didn't want to exchange rings because they don't wear jewellery due to their jobs. They toyed with the idea of having silicone rings just to get through the day until I let them know their special day didn't have to include anything other than compulsory legal jargon from me as their celebrant and the required legal vows which they could preface with their own personalised vows.

It's your day and should be done your way. Talk with your preferred celebrant and they can help you write your ring ceremony or you can write it.

Whatever your choice, enjoy your beautiful day.

What are the most important things to include in wedding vows?

Celebrancy by Shelley

Congratulations, and thank you for the question.

There are mandatory legal vows which must be included, but around those you have a blank canvass if you choose to colour it with something personal. Have fun thinking about your inclusions and writing your vows, it's your time to express your love, your way, in the company of your loved ones.

I love it when my couples sit down together and talk about what specifically drew them to each other, why they believe in each other and what their joint hopes are for their life together as a couple. 

Vows can be taken from this conversation and often include:

- do they promise to always be there to listen to, support, consider and love each other, cherishing their days together?

- they promise to endure the ups and downs that every relationship has; and

- to validate what it is that they love about their partner and what they're looking forward to sharing with them in the life they have planned together.


I would take care not to make it too personal or too lengthy. While your love for your partner is important it's also something that is between you two and there are some things that don't need to be shared with your guests.




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