how can i make my elopement special?

Question Asked: 13/09/2017 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Di Kleinert Blairgowrie


(10) Posted: 20/09/2017

Oh, this is an easy question to answer. By eloping, you are "there in the moment" just for each other. Be aware You do need two witnesses over the age of 18, as well... family!  Are you including them, if not maybe arrange a dinner party on your return. Parents only want the best for their children and hopefully, they will respect your decision to elope. Not knowing your circumstances there may be other issues at play. Just be true to your feelings.

  • Choose a destination that holds special memories for you both.
  • Frock up, it is your wedding day, just because you are not having a huge affair there is no reason not be glam.
  • Write the most beautiful Vows to each other, keeping them a secret until the day. (your celebrant will help if you are not confident doing this)
  • Celebrate in style, dinner with a view may be? or, high on a mountaintop. So many decisions for you. 
  • Choose a celebrant that can help you plan your ceremony in the manner that you have envisaged.
  • From personal experience, I know what this scenario is like, and it all depends on many factions at play... be true to yourselves. Have a beautiful day (just the way you want it to be)

Please feel free to call and discuss, love to chat.

(11) Posted: 18/09/2017


I heard of a lovely elopement this morning.  The Bride and Groom only invited their parents and siblings and that was all, They said it was very intimate and really gave the whole experience meaning. You need to think of your parents' as they have probaby been dreaming of their little girl getting married for most of your life. Most parents don't really care if it's a big affair, they just want to be there and for you to be happy. It also makes it easier if you want a destination wedding, you can all go away for the weekend or if you want somewhere close to home I am sure your Celebrant will be able to help you with personal vows and a lovely setting.

Hope this helps and good luck.

(1) Posted: 18/09/2017

I don't think your would regret if the important people in your life are there & maybe its only your witnesses 

Go with how you feel.

Special really means how you feel about the day 

Philip Holland

New South Wales

(9) Posted: 18/09/2017


An elopement is a great alternative to the expense of a wedding where it is often difficult to decide who not to invite and how much money you should spend. All you basically need is a celebrant and two witnesses, whom your celebrant can probably find for you if you decide to get married in another city, for example. At the same time you can still make it very special with a beautiful location, beautiful words, great feelings and  a great celebrant! One couple I married decided not to go ahead with the big wedding their parents wanted to arrange with over 500 guests and instead chose an intimate ceremony with their two closest friends in the Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens and it was one of the most romantic weddings I have performed.

Give me a buzz if you would like to have a chat about your ideas.

All the best,

Philip Holland

Justine Milne


(21) Posted: 14/09/2017

Good morning,

Congratulations on looking for ways to make your day special ??

Just because you choose to elope in an intimate ceremony doesn't mean you can't have a personalised ceremony.

Choose a Celebrant that will help you create this with you, you can discuss with your Celebrant personalised vows and ensuring they are kept from your partner until the day to make for real emotionals.

I hope this helps. Happy planning and if you'd love to chat further, you can contact me

(136) Posted: 14/09/2017

Sooooo many ways!
Firstly, choose a Celebrant that you feel super comfortable with as it is a very intimate experience and you want to really enjoy the process.

Secondly, write surprise wedding vows! Listening to gorgeous wedding vows that you've never heard before will really keep you in the moment and make the elopement so so special.

Thirdly, if possible do it somewhere remote/and or scenic. The beauty of elopements are that you don't need to choose a place where guests can safely and easily commute to. Why not share your vows on a mountain top, or in the forest or snuggled up on your balcony. Choose somewhere that will make you feel happy as you don't need to worry about anyone else!

And lastly, marry the right person! haha :) It will make your elopement special no matter what!


Janet Lomax ~ Sydney's Inner West Marriage Celebrant

All Sydney Suburbs ~ The Blue Mountains The Central Coast, and The Southern Highlands

(94) Posted: 14/09/2017

My seven elopement tipsWith Janet Lomax, Weddings I Do

1. Your wedding day is getting closer, so its really important to think about all that you want, and your perfect day!

2. Really think about your choices, and make sure this is exactly what you and your partner want, before you decide! 

3. If you decide that you both truly want to elope, rather than the big wedding that you may be running away from, keep the style and beauty that you initially wanted. 

4. Get the dress of your dreams & veil too, if that's what you have always dreamed about for your wedding. 

5. Think about the two witnesses (legal requirement) that you want at your wedding ~ You could choose to have both parents or just two of your best friends or siblings to be with your at the moment you marry! 

6. You have the dress and the suit, or perhaps a gorgeous summer dress and smart casual attire for your partner, but remember to think about your venue too. Do you have a favourite tree that holds lots of meaning for you, or is there a landscape that has always been "a must" for your wedding day? 

7. If you are going to tell your family, either before or after your wedding, think about what you would love to happen then. Maybe a family dinner to celebrate, or something more casual with your family and friends or maybe you want to have a beautiful dinner ~ just the two of you. 

Whatever you dream or want, is what I am very happy to help you create. I want to make your perfect day!


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Cheryl Forbes Celebrant

Sydney Metro, Macarthur Region, Penrith & Blue Mountains

(5) Posted: 14/09/2017


Many celebrants will will allow you the opportunity to personalise your elopement. At the very least write vows that are meaningful to you both.

If it's a standard elopement ceremony just ask you celebrant & suggest changes.

I'd be happy to help you further with this.

Please feel free to get in touch.



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