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Kim R.

2 Nov 2018

It would be very difficult to give Klara anything other than 5 stars! Klara told our story perfectly, she made our wedding as relaxed as we wanted it to be and she was HILARIOUS. Klara actually felt like an old friend from the moment we met her. She was everything we wanted and more. Klara was easy to work with, super incredibly organized and just easy going. Everyone commented on her on our wedding night, her MCing is just as awesome as her celebrant work and I'm just trying to figure out what we can use her for next.. she truly is awesome. Thanks Klara - we will never ever forget you! Xoxo

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Oh honey, you KNOW the pleasure was all mine. You and your lot all made me feel like part of your wacky fun family and the staff at Farm Vigano were especially awesome at making me feel at home. Anywhere, anytime I'll work for you. Just name the date and reason!!!!

James T.

31 Mar 2017

Klara was the perfect fit for our wedding and we were blessed to have her as part of our special day. Klara isn't constrained to rigidity yet still ensures a special 'wedding' feel to the occasion. She was always available in the pre planning phase and the morning of the wedding. She conducted a modern and friendly ceremony and is easily adaptable to any sudden changes. All our guests remarked how she individualised our own story and really captured the essence of why we were there that day. Most importantly, Klara is great fun, and doesn't take herself too seriously but yet is always professional. We will always be grateful for Klara having been there for us.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thanks so much James. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with you and Stacey to create the magic that was your big day. You were both so laid back, it was all too easy!!!

Sophie B.

2 Mar 2017

Klara was the glue that held the pieces together. She was informative and fun, but serious enough when necessary. She gave an individual service and totally jumped on our band wagon to make an unexpected day for our guests! Klara went above and beyond. We couldn't have done it alone.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Oh Sophie, you and Mike's wedding (that involved sky-diving, dogs and quite the MC gig for me) will always remain close to my heart! Thank you!

Teresa V.

2 Feb 2020

Klara is lovely, knowledgeable, patient and very entertaining. She fit right into our relaxed celebrations perfectly.

Sally H.

25 Jan 2020

Klara was unconventional, but funny, warm and engaging. Extremely diligent with her paperwork, we never had to worry about the logistical side of things. On the day she certainly delivered in a unique, passionate and funny way. Would recommend.

Karyna R.

23 Nov 2019

Clara was fantastic, she was a crack-up the guests just loved her!!

Kate P.

24 Mar 2019

Klara is a love goddess. From the moment we met it just felt right – we could be open, honest and ridiculous about our ideas and she gently guided us back to something workable and then toiled away to make sure it was perfect on the day. Our ceremony was funny, engaging and deeply personal and I can’t think of anything more you could possibly ask for.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Oh honey, thank you! You and Cam were a dream to work for/with and I'm kind of sad it's over... what a hoot we all had eh! Have a wonderful marriage!! XX

Charelle S.

21 Mar 2019

Our guests assumed Klara was a mate we asked to be a celebrant! She is amazing, and perfect for those who want somebody who can operate outside of the box. She was super easy to deal with, and was happy to help us with whatever we needed to make sure the ceremony went off without too many hiccups.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

It was my absolute pleasure my dear, you and Kev were awesome!!!! XX

Jase C.

20 Oct 2018

Klara was so amazing! I can't go on enough about her! She made our day, made a little bit of a joke, and all our guests loved her and even our best friends who are getting married are even using her! She would always make that trek out to us to visit us, hung out with us in the hotel room before as well - I can't fault her one bit!

Rosemary C.

6 May 2018

Klara was the perfect choice for our wedding celebrant. Full of fun and laughs and very funky & quirky so she fitted right in to our Steampunk themed wedding. Klara helped us defy every tradition and modern trend that we could, to create a unique and truly divine ceremony. Even our photographer commented on the love and wholeheartedness that the wedding exuded. Would recommend Klara to those who want their own individual experience with some fun & warmth thrown in.... It's all about love!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

AWESOME review honey; thank you!!!! You know it doesn't take much for me to embrace a dress-up, and all the other little ideas that you and Steve wanted to throw into the mix only made it more of a challenge and fun. I loved working with you both and you are totally right; its ALLLLLLLL about love!

Karlie M.

7 Apr 2018

Klara was fabulous! She was so helpful throughout the whole process. She's really funny and made everything really easy for us.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thanks Karlie, you and Sarah were an absolute dream to work for and I'd do it again and again quite frankly! The pleasure was all mine! XX

Samantha M.

18 Nov 2017

Couldn’t have asked for a better celebrant. From the first point of contact, to the actual night, she was funny and so easy to get along with. Highly recommend her.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

You were both a sheer delight to work with and the pleasure was allllllllll mine!!!!!

Lauren P.

2 Nov 2017

Klara was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! From the quick and easy communication, to the way she captured our stories and personalities and provided us with all the help we needed for vows, to making our ceremony stress free, fun and just awesome overall! We couldn’t imagine having our day without Klara and so happy she was able to share it with us - we highly, highly recommended!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thank you my dear... you were both an absolute delight to work with. If I could highly recommend you as a couple, I'd do that too! XX

Laura H.

2 Nov 2017

Klara is seriously the best! We knew as soon as we met her that she was the celebrant for us :) we highly recommend her!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thanks honey, you guys were the best clients ever as well... we were all a perfect match!!!!

Mirella A.

14 Oct 2017

When we first met Klara it felt like we had been friends for a long time. She is fun, easy going and professional. Klara struck a great balance between giving us ideas and suggestions and allowing us the space to create our own unique ceremony. Thank you for playing an important part and doing it so wonderfully.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thanks so much for those fabulous words Mirella... you and Mat were awesome to work with and I had a lot of fun putting together your special day. Long live love!!!! XX

Cynthia L.

15 Sep 2017

Klara was amazing...Helped us through and made planning easy. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted.......relaxed with a few laughs. Thank you for making our day so memorable x

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

My absolute pleasure you two. You guys were awesome to work for... loved it!!! Have a wonderful marriage now won't you. XX K

Lucy D.

21 Jan 2017

When we first met Klara we knew straight away that she was the one for us. The one that would share in one of our most precious moments. Klara has a relaxed vibe about her and makes you feel calm when you need it the most. She has a vibrant personality and made our day so easy for us. She explained everything so well and was there for us throughout the process helping us tweak our story and vows and making it so easy with all the legalities. Would highly recommend her for anyone wanting a relaxed and fun but yet professional presence at their wedding! Thank you Klara for everything, you helped make our day perfect and read me like a book as I ran down the isle dragging my dad behind me trying not to bursts into terrified yet excited tears! xoxo

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Such kind words Lucy. You were both an absolute delight to work with!

Craig B.

25 Nov 2016

From the moment we first made contact with Klara, we knew that she would be perfect for our wedding. We took the casual, laid back approach to our ceremony, so with her fun & lively personality, it helped her deliver an amazing (& hilarious) story of us. Thanks so much!!!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

I loved working with you and Carly as well, what a great team you two make! Thanks buddy!

Sam & Tim J.

20 Aug 2016

From the moment we got incontact with Klara we knew she was the celebrant for us!. She has a fantastic personality, and is so easy and helpful to deal with. No question is too hard. Klara made our wedding relaxed, fun and enjoyable

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Ditto back to you on all of the above!!!

Carey D.

21 Jul 2016

The moment I saw Klara's profile I knew she was the celebrant for us. Fun, friendly and efficient, she made everything joyous and exciting. Although we had a quiet, sneaky ceremony at home, Klara helped make it perfect. If we ever have a renewal I know who to call!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Oh how can I ever forget the wedding that was marked by cheezles as rings!!! Thanks for the chance to meet and work with you both, you're a hoot!

Chantel M.

23 Apr 2016

Klara was very very good. She was very approachable and relaxed. She was exactly the person we were looking for. She had a great sense of humor.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thanks lovely, really nice thing to say!!!

Amelia W.

21 Apr 2016

Klara was a fantastic celebrant and an even better MC. Could not have been happier with her service. Very professional, open to feedback and overall a wonderful part of our day.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

You were both awesome to work with, even though the adversity... we did it in the end didn't we!!!!

Angela H.

2 Apr 2016

Klara was fantastic. She was very easy to deal with and very prompt, professional and funny.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

So were you two!! What a wedding, such a thrill to be part of it my dear. Thank you!!!

Clare M.

26 Mar 2016

Klara was amazing! We could not have been more happy. She was just perfect and made sure she had all the information that she needed and was always following up. She was friendly, extremely lovely and had a great fantastic sense of humor. She made the ceremony perfect - perfect balance of laughter and tears.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

I'll never forget yours and Dave's fun-filled ceremony overlooking the beach. You were the perfect couple to work with... my kind of people!!!

Sasha N.

24 Mar 2016

Klara was great, she was so lovely. We are not religious and we wanted something fun and easy-going. She was very flexible and helped us out so much with the paperwork. She made everything stress free and easy. The ceremony was funny and light hearted.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thanks so much Sasha, Such lovely words. You were both a delight to work with too! XX K

Michelle C.

5 Mar 2016

We were really happy with Klara. She was friendly and accommodating. She was really good with her communication.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thanks lovely!!!

Lisa B.

27 Feb 2016

Everything was really straightforward and easy. Klara was great with her communication, which we emailed back and forth. She was good with keeping everything on track. There were no problems on the day!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thats the general goal eh! You were a delight to work with, thanks lovely!

Caitlin O.

13 Feb 2016

Klara was really easy to contact and to talk to. She was really friendly and easy with appointments. She's really personable and was able to chat to all our guests. She's also really funny. Everything went smoothly!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

haha thanks for the compliments. You two weren't bad either! ;)

Evan M.

6 Feb 2016

Everything went spectacularly, as well as we could have hoped for. Klara was professional, organised, on time and funny. Everything went smoothly on the day!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

I love the fact you mentioned that I was on time.... that's important isn't it!! Thanks for the great review Evan! K

Kaseey L.

17 Dec 2015

Klara, you were absolutely fantastic from my very first email sent to you! You were so friendly, energetic and enthusiastic about our upcoming wedding and so easy to get along with. You were so professional and we had a blast planning our ceremony with you. Our ceremony was just what we wanted, creative, funny yet laid-back at the same time. You managed to tell our own love story better than we did and we cant thankyou enough for that! We really cant recommend you highly enough, you are truly gifted and fabulous at what you do!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

What a sterling review, thanks so much lovely!!!

Tara F.

23 May 2015

Klara was the perfect choice for our Alice in Wonderland themed surprise wedding - funny, quirky and professional. She really helped to make our day special, unique and a reflection of our true selves. Thank you so much for all your help (and patience) Klara, you are amazing at what you do!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

You two were so much fun to work with.. I'll never forget our little tree-planting ceremony, so many giggles, so much fun!!!

Adam C.

6 Mar 2015

Klara has been a fantastic celebrant, she is professional and courteous. Klara has been the most accommodating person associated with our wedding. I can not recommend Klara enough. Thank you so much Klara, you professionalism was greatly appreciated.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Thanks so much Adam, and for the word-of-mouth referrals that have ensued.... you're a legend!

Rhea Amanda B.

6 Jun 2014

Klara was an excellent celebrant!! She was fabulous to work with and reassured us through out a very stressful time. The ceremony was wonderful, with just enough relaxed humour to take the edge off what can be a way too serious affair. I would definitely recommend Klara McMurray as a warm alternative to other more conservative experiences.

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

I'll take any excuse to go to Bali!!! Thanks for bravely being my first!

Kate B.

7 Mar 2014

It's hard to describe how professional and wonderful Klara was during the lead up and on the day of our wedding. My husband and I found Klara to be flexible where needed and made our wedding ceremony even more personal and heartfelt than we could have ever imagined. Since our wedding we have had many compliments about Klara. She even had to deal with my two dogs who decided they needed to sit in on the ceremony!

Klara McMurray - Funky Celebrant  

Oh you guys were awesome to work with and thank you so much for your leap of faith in being only my 2nd wedding ever!!!

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