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VOTED #1 BEST CELEBRANT GOLD COAST 2022 + #1 BEST CELEBRANT GOLD COAST 2019 & BEST AUSTRALIAN CELEBRANT FINALIST 2022 & #2 RUNNER UP 2021 WEDDING INDUSTRY AWARDS Love Story by a Master Storyteller, Amazing Personal Vows, Heaps of Fun, Laughter, Upbeat Vibes, Relaxed, Romantic, Chilled & Exciting! 16 years Full Time Celebrant - Performed 1200+ ceremonies - 600+ reviews!

Let’s team up to create your Wedding Ceremony filled with Laughter, Fun, Upbeat Chilled Vibes, Fresh Creative Ideas, Loving Energy, Crazy Humour & Awesome Storytelling to kick your Wedding Day off on a High.

Every Wedding Ceremony I create is CUSTOM DESIGNED, UNIQUE, FUN, ROMANTIC & PERSONAL! I tune into your vibe and connect with you as authentic humans and discover everything that makes you tick. I am buzzing with ideas. I listen to every detail of your ideas, vision and dreams for your special day and turn it into a reality. If you are not sure what you want I guide you and inspire you with original and creative ideas and choices to make your wedding everything you have dreamed of. No Cookie Cutter Weddings Ever Ever :-)


  • Best Australian Celebrant Finalist 2022 - Voted #1 Best Celebrant 2022 Gold Coast + Scenic Rim Wedding Industry Awards - Voted #1 Best Celebrant 2019 Gold Coast + Scenic Rim Brides Choice Awards #2 Best Celebrant 2021 Gold Coast Brides Choice Awards
  • More than a Celebrant...Your Rock, Cheerleader, Guide, Inspiration, Supporter, Adviser, Friend, Zen Master, Sounding Board, Wine Taster & Party Starter!
  • Down to Earth Authentic Person who loves to Laugh, have Fun and Connect with Awesome  Couples.
  • Designer of Dream Weddings & Celebrant Wizard for 16 wonderful wild years
  • 1200+ Custom Designed Unique Personalised Ceremonies written & performed
  • Rave Reviews from 600+ of my amazing couples,114+ Five Star Reviews on Google, 205 Five Star Easy Weddings Reviews and more on Facebook
  • Queen of Equal Love - 16 years as Rainbow Pride Celebrant for LGBTQIA+ Couples.
  • Master Storyteller & Weaver of Love Stories with the whole Roller Coaster of Emotions.
  • Vow Genie helping you create Personal, Romantic, Heartfelt & Hilarious Vows!
  • Choreographer of exciting photographic opportunities, setting the stage, enhancing energetic connections, flowing seamlessly & finding beauty in every moment.
  • Juggler of Hats; Ring Master, Crowd Motivator, Skilled Actor, Director, Creative Writer & Event Manager.
  • Master of Mindfulness, Meditation, Mindreading & Relaxation.
  • Handfasting Druid & Creator of Original Magical Rituals.
  • Secret Squirrel Strategies to embrace your emotions & be fully present on your own special day with vivid memories of every moment.
  • Fun & emotional ways to involve your children, fur babies & special family & friends.

I am so excited to get you started on your ride of a lifetime so message me today and say Marry Me Marilyn!


I love to laugh, have fun, be creative, be present in the moment, live a peaceful, happy full life surrounded by loving energy. I am adventurous, curious and intrigued by different cultures and traditions. I have travelled the world and bring those amazing experiences to you in unique ceremonies. I love a truffle cheese & champagne brunch by the water with my gorgeous husband. I practice Vipassana Meditation, live for Travelling, Dancing, enjoy Swimming, Yoga & Theatre.

Mrs Marilyn Verschuure

Business Owner

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Service Area Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast Hinterland, Brisbane & Northern NSW

Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast Hinterland, Brisbane & Northern NSW
Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast Hinterland, Brisbane & Northern NSW


YES, ABSOLUTELY! I encourage you to write personal vows as they are the heart and soul of your wedding! If writing is not your bag or you would like some inspiration... I have very cool support documents online in my vast resources - How to ‘Write your Vows ! You can even email me your vows and I will tweak them for you and make suggestions so your vows flow beautifully and match in tone and content.

IT IS SOOO IMPORTANT TO PERSONALISE YOUR WEDDING IT SHOULD TOTALLY REFLECT YOU....My weddings are written with my Heart and Soul creating a Magical Atmosphere where you are in the moment and travel together through the whole roller coaster of emotions! There’s lots of fun, laughter and tears of joy, romantic moments that are personal and powerful, moments shared and moments in your own magic bubble and heaps of fun to make the roller coaster go round!


I HATE BORING IT HAS TO BE FUN! I have exceptional public speaking skills and years of invaluable experience as a full time celebrant writing hundreds of creative unique ceremonies. I deliver your Wedding Ceremony with Love, Energy, Enthusiasm, Vibrancy, Humour, Presence and Passion, making you feel like there is no one else in the world just the two of you. I have an acting and directing background so I deliver your Love Story and Ceremony with heart in the most engaging, entertaining  and dynamic way like no other celebrant. With my choreography experience, I stage you to feel connected to each other and to your friends and family .... everyone feels the intimate connection setting the scene for amazing photo expressive photos as well.

YES DEFINITELY OODLES OF EXPERIENCE! I was voted No.1 Gold Coast Celebrant 2019 + 2022 Runner Up 2021 and Australian Finalist at the Wedding Industry Awards. I am a bubbly, fun, full-time professional celebrant with 16 years of experience, with 1200+ unique, creative & personalised ceremonies written and performed with 600+ testimonials please see on my website I will inspire you with a thousand ideas to make your wedding exactly what you want it to be. From my experience a great marriage ceremony, the opening act on the wedding day, makes the most profound difference to the success of your wedding day. Your guests will be talking about it from the congratulations all through the reception and your ceremony will remain with you in your hearts and minds and with family and friends forever.

ABSOLUTELY YOUR SPECIAL DAY SHOULD BE AS STRESS FREE AS POSSIBLE.....I can create the whole wedding ceremony for you as stress free, sweet & simple as you would like it. I welcome your input and I will craft everything for you!

NO PROBLEMO YOU CAN RELAX!! I give you heaps of strategies to control the nerves and be present in the moment on your big day so your beautiful feelings and emotions and fun experience is imprinted into your memories and you can just relax and have some fun. I will also minimise the amount of public speaking you have to do while presenting what you want to say for you and make it sound like you have actually said it. IT'S A WIN WIN!

YOU CAN CHOOSE........I can create the whole ceremony for you or you can have as much involvement in the creation as you choose knowing you will be inspired by my fantastic and original ideas. You also have access to my vast online resources and co-create the wedding ceremony with a drafting process.


I am an expert in Handfasting and have Hundreds of Beautiful Sub-Ceremonies & Rituals I have many versions of each ceremony tailored to your specific needs including Unity Sand Ceremonies, Wooden Wedding Box Ceremonies, Shell Ceremonies Thai & Celtic, Combined Shell & Sand Ceremonies, Fresh Water & Salt Water Ceremonies, Vast Range of Handfasting - Celtic Handfastings, Scottish Handfastings, Viking Handfastings, One Cord Handfastings to Thirteen Cord Handfastings, 7 Chakra Handfastings, Buddhist Handfasting, Angel Handfasting, Seasons Of Love Handfasting, Four Element Ceremony, Rose Exchange, Unity Candle Lighting Ceremonies, Wine Ceremonies, Butterfly Ceremonies, Family Ceremonies, Dove Releases, Blessing of the Hands Ceremony, Crystal Ceremonies, Greek Wedding Crown Ceremonies with Ring Ceremony plus more. 

212 reviews 5.0 Write a Review

January 2024

Marilyn was absolutely phenomenal when it came time to marrying myself and my wife! And she went above and beyond with everything leading up towards the big day! She helped both of us fully understand everything and she explained everything clearly and concise. If you're trying to decide who to pick to wed you for your big day I would 110% go with Marilyn! She made the day fun and stress free and helped us both with any inquiries we had. She made everything go so smoothly and no issues what so ever! My wife and I had a wonderful day and it wouldn't have been made possible without Marilyn there! Marilyn once again, Von and I thank you so much for marrying us and spending all your time helping us leading up to the wedding. We will not forget it!!! Love Von & Alex xoxo

Becky C.

Marry Me Marilyn

Thank you so much Becky + Craig it was an absolute joy to marry you to the love of your life! Your darling little boys were just too cute on the day. Your precious family really created a magical moment totally connected to you. I loved telling your Love Story and the Funny I do's and the Scottish Handfasting with a special Family Ceremony made up a perfect combination. Thank you for the wonderful experience of holding the moment between 2 such special people! I loved every minute of it! I wish you both and your gorgeous little family every happiness, good fortune and love for your futures together! Love + Light Marilyn x

April 2023

Thank you Marilyn so much for putting together such a wonderful ceremony for us. We had multiple comments about how fantastic it was, the laughter, the emotion, the vow to our boys…I don’t think anyone in the room was able to hold back their tears when Thomas started tearing up. It was perfect and I felt relaxed and so in the moment with Warren that I didn’t even realise there were people coming in and out of the chapel during the ceremony until they had told me that later. We both had the most amazing day regardless of the rain, especially having all our loved ones in the same place. The day was everything I had ever hoped for and was well worth the extended wait ❤️ Many thanks, Sam + Warren xx

Samantha H.

Marry Me Marilyn

Thanks so much Sam + Warren, I loved our journey together it has been really amazing…..Thomas and Jacob are the nicest boys with such huge hearts! Watching them in the Family Ceremony just melted my heart. I really felt a beautiful vibe on the day from not only yourselves but from your family and friends as well! I am so happy you guys chose me to be part of your special moment to join you as husband and wife! Love Marilyn x

September 2021

Every one of our guests commented on how AMAZING Marry Me Marilyn was, how well she told our story, with guests commenting that they were on the edge of their seats invested in every word Marilyn was saying. We had guests say it was the Best Ceremony they have ever been to, and was just absolutely perfect, which we loved hearing but that is just a credit to Marilyn and how great she is! So if you want just an ordinary Celebrant, then Marilyn is not for you, Marilyn is far, far more than that! When we first came across Marilyn's website we thought she is exactly what we were after, and after our first meeting we knew we were right! Marilyn is more than a Celebrant, she is a love enthusiast, story teller, wedding coach and genuinely invested in you as a couple and our special day!

Mischeline C.

Marry Me Marilyn

Dylan & Mischeline, I just loved our journey together! Your wedding day was so beautiful with laughter, fun and lots of romance...How lucky was I to be chosen as your celebrant! I am so thrilled that you can recall every little detail of your special day... embracing your emotions always works a treat. Marcel actually remarked to me after the wedding that you were one of the most 'in the moment brides' he had ever seen. All the happiness and good luck for your future together! Loads of Love to you both!! Marilyn x

February 2024

Marilyn brought fun and laughter to our special day, and grasped the relaxed atmosphere for the ceremony that we were so desperate to achieve. She made our little family feel at ease and even our young children felt involved, relaxed and informed about what was required on the day. Thank you, Marilyn you will always be in our hearts. Love Marie + Tony

Aj C.

Marry Me Marilyn

Thank you Marie..... I just loved working with you and Tony, Summer + Fletcher and Willow the Border Collie :-) Teaming up with your celebrant mum Jane was a joy! Your ceremony was the most beautiful, relaxed and happy experience for everyone. Thank you for the wonderful will always be in my heart and mind! Wishing you and your family all the happiness, good fortune and love for the future :-) Love + Light Marilyn x

February 2024

We had a wonderful experience with Marilyn as our celebrant, and after many years of waiting she made our day better than we could have ever imagined. She allowed us to integrate our cultural backgrounds as well as catering the ceremony to fit our unique love story. We want to truly thank you for your guidance and support and love in the lead up and during our wedding day. Love Ash + Stephen x

Marie H.

Marry Me Marilyn

Thank you so much Ash + Stephen! It was an honour to marry you both by the ocean with a beautiful Scottish Handfasting and telling your Love Story was intimate and special. I loved the pinning of the Tartan at the end of the ceremony. All the happiness in the future as husband and wife!! Love Marilyn x

Expert Advice

expert advice

As a wedding professional, Marry Me Marilyn offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

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Do celebrants charge more for new year's eve weddings?

Wondering if there are surcharges for special dates like this.

Marry Me Marilyn

Celebrants normally charge a bit more for Public Holidays and Special Days such as New Year's Eve but this is choice of each individual celebrant as they control their own fees and often reflect their depth of experience and skills and also their popularity. There is also a lot more traffic and crowds and can be difficult travelling to some evening New Year's Eve Weddings and the celebrant sacrifices their own New Years Eve plans with family and friends.

Do any modern couples still include the opportunity to object during a wedding ceremony?

Curious about this and how it would be done well.

Marry Me Marilyn

Hi Bride to Be ... Absolutely not in a Civil Wedding is the short answer :-) The only time a couple might include it as a joke in a Medieval Wedding and even then the armed Bestmen threaten them with swords to stop them...couple sign a stat dec called the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to the marriage where they legally declare before the wedding that there is nothing that should or could stop the marriage.

my parents think its normal to attend wedding ceremonies theyre not invited to. is it?

usually its someone we know well but havent been officially invited, like theyll attend one of their daughter's friend's wedding .. just not sure if its something we're not supposed to be doing

Marry Me Marilyn

It may depend on your parent's culture and the culture of the couple getting married. For example in the Dutch culture anyone who knows the couple from work or socially can attend the church wedding ceremony and can attend what they call the reception which is drinks and nibbles but only family and close friends attend the wedding dinner or what we call the reception.

Most commonly in Australia people should wait to be invited to a wedding due to the way we organise weddings and the associated restrictions and costs.

Marry Me Marilyn

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