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Is it weird to invite people to our bucks and hens if they're not invited to the wedding?

Hi there - my partner and I both have people we want at our hens and bucks but they won't be invited to the wedding. Is this a common thing or do people expect if they're invited to the bucks/hens they're invited to the wedding? Is there a good way to approach this?

Updated : 30/08/2022

2 answers

What are some non-stripper hen's and buck's party ideas?

Would be great to get some more tasteful ideas - we're both pretty shy but still want to have a good time! We are having separate events.

Updated : 1/08/2022

7 answers

The bride is a low-key country girl & I am responsible for planning her small group Hens! Any ideas?

My best mate is from a small country town and isn't too big on strippers but still wants to have a night of fun with her nearest and dearest. She isn't a massive drinker nor does she have a big group of friends so I am really struggling to figure out how we can make it fun and exciting / build an atmosphere with such a small group of girls. I think having it finish at a bar with a great atmosphere would be nice as we have such a small group, but I would also like to start off with something slower, maybe a bottomless brunch that may be a bit more suitable for the mum & aunties attending. Because she doesn't enjoy drinking, have many people nor does she want strippers I feel limited to what I can do! Can you please suggest some ideas? She lives in Bullsbrook now so anywhere within Perth or Swan Valley would be ideal.

Updated : 25/02/2019

2 answers

Who is in charge of the hens party?

I was asked to be a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding at the same time two others were asked and one was asked to be the MOH. I have just had messages from the MOH detailing every aspect of the Hens Party, she has planned everything and as far as I can tell not asked for any input from any of the rest of us, is this normal? I feel like, as a Bridesmaid I should also have at least been asked for ideas or opinions and not just been told the details like any other guest?!

Updated : 9/01/2019

3 answers

Is it weird to have my bucks night on a thursday night?

All my mates are shiftworkers. Does anyone offer this?

Updated : 11/10/2018

10 answers

Hen do ideas for a lady in Brisbane?

I am looking for some classy ideas for my hen do/hens party!

Updated : 23/04/2018

2 answers

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