Is it weird to invite people to our bucks and hens if they're not invited to the wedding?

Hi there - my partner and I both have people we want at our hens and bucks but they won't be invited to the wedding. Is this a common thing or do people expect if they're invited to the bucks/hens they're invited to the wedding? Is there a good way to approach this?


Question Asked: 30/08/2022

Wedding Date: 18/03/2023

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Posted: 1/09/2022

The best way to approach this is to be transparent from the offset. Let them know you're organising a fun pre-wedding celebration, that you're really keen for them to be involved in some of the wedding festivities but you're limiting the guest list to the wedding for whatever reason so please come along and have some fun with us at the bucks/hens!

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Clay Sydney

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Posted: 31/08/2022

Not at all! It's just a nice way to get people together, have a mini celebration, and have those extending friends and fam around in a different way. We often have people at our hens and bucks parties who aren't coming to the wedding. Just be really open and honest about wanting to have a good time with them but you are limited on numbers for the big day. People are more understanding than you think

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