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Wedding flowers: 8 blooming beautiful buttonholes

Whether you call them buttonholes or boutonnieres, lapel flowers were, once, a common site on men's suits and tuxedos, however, just about the only place we see them these days is at a wedding.

The pros and cons of having a themed wedding

A themed wedding is a great way to explore your creativity and treat your family and friends to a unique and fun experience. If you're thinking of having a themed wedding, here are some pros and cons to consider.

6 not-so-traditional white wedding shoes…

The humble wedding shoe has come a long way from being a plain old pair of white heels or flats. Here are six sweet white wedding shoes that pay homage to tradition, each with its own little twist.

Real bride: the best decisions I made when planning my wedding

From a newlywed's perspective, here are the best decisions I made when planning my wedding.

10 creative guestbook alternatives

There are so many alternative guestbook options that don't include an empty book and a pen. Here are just 10...

Eight ways to preserve your wedding flowers

Don't let Mother Nature prevent you from keeping your bridal bouquet forever. Here are seven ways to perfectly preserve your wedding flowers.

Wedding photography trends: romancing the drone

Drones, those little unmanned aerial contraptions, are increasingly being used to document weddings as couples search for the latest wow-factor for their videos - and a touch of movie-style pizzazz.

Wedding dress shapes explained

Here are the seven main wedding dress shapes and their definitions.

5 wedding dress terms you need to know before you go dress shopping

What does haute couture actually mean? Here are some common wedding dress terms defined.

Wedding trend: Australian country style weddings

The sweeping beauty of the Australian countryside is tailor made for weddings. After all there could be few more beautiful places to commit yourself to happily ever after.

5 times NOT to wear your engagement ring

The idea of removing your beloved engagement ring may sting a little but, believe it or not, there are times when wearing your engagement bling is definitely not a good idea. Here are 5 times not to wear your engagement ring.

8 fun and fabulous (alternative) hen’s party ideas

Today's hen's parties are no longer confined to wild nights out. After all, not every bride is the party-'til-you-drop type and many aren't at all interested in strippers, endless rounds of booze and whatever else a 'last night of freedom' may bring. Here are 10 hen's party alternatives that may be tamer than the traditional - but they're no less fun...

Engagement rings: vintage vs new?

Whichever option you choose, both have their pros - and their cons, so be sure to know each side of the story before you settle on which way to go.

8 dos and don’ts of wedding planning

The wedding planning process is filled with many challenges and lessons learned - and If you're in the middle of it now, we're sure a bit of advice wouldn't go astray! Here are 8 dos and don'ts of wedding planning to make it that bit more manageable.

10 awesome engagement photo shoots

An engagement photo shoot is a great opportunity to get creative and you can incorporate interesting locations, bright colours and props into your loved-up snaps.

Four florists share their wedding bouquets of choice

We've spoken with four thoroughly experienced wedding florists and asked them what bouquet the would choose if they had to walk down the aisle tomorrow. Here are their (very surprising) answers.

10 fun wedding photos

Here are some bridal parties who weren't afraid to bring 'fun' to these wedding photos!

10 child-friendly honeymoon destinations

To make sure you find that ideal balance of both a romantic and family-fun on your honeymoon, here is our list of the top 10 child-friendly honeymoon destinations.

12 tips for remaining organised throughout your wedding planning

Follow these top tips to help you stay in control and on task during the wedding planning process...

Video: seven grooms who nailed their wedding speeches

With mobile phones and tablets sometimes outnumbering people, there are cameras everywhere and, though it can be annoying, we're glad that some of these fabulous wedding speeches were caught on camera for us to enjoy again and again.



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