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Modern vs traditional: 8 big wedding etiquette questions answered

Wedding traditions and etiquette vary from generation to generation, but they also change from time to time. Here are 10 wedding etiquette traditions explained alongside their modern equivalents. It's entirely your choice whether you snub them - or stick with them!

Sweetheart, boatneck, scoop? Wedding dress necklines explained

Part of the secret to finding the most flattering wedding gown is figuring out which neckline works with your body shape - but which one is it? Halterneck or scoop? Sweetheart or boatneck?

How to pull off the ultimate Gatsby wedding

Gatsby style is all about the roaring 20s: plush, lavish and elegant. Sounds too much for a wedding? Absolutely not. If anything, it’s one that’ll make a statement—a really sparkly one. Have a look at these wonderful Gatsby-inspired wedding ideas and

Wedding reception games: let the fun begin!

Wedding reception games make it easier to break the ice and get the crowd to mingle. Ready to channel your inner child? Let the games begin!

14 totally corny love songs you won’t be able to resist including in your wedding playlist

Whether it's for your first dance or your big walk down the aisle, here are 14 supremely cheesy love songs that are so darn corny and so darn sugary sweet, you'll (secretly) adore playing them at some stage during your wedding - no matter how many of your guests roll their eyeballs.

Wedding photography: 21 fun bridal party photos

Of all the photos you'll take on your big day, you want a few that truly stand out, especially those taken with your bridal party who are, usually, your nearest and dearest. Here are 21 ideas for fun bridal party photos that you'll have as much fun posing for as looking at.

8 classic earrings for a classic bride

When it comes to earrings for your wedding day, there is no shortage of style or colour options, but if you're a classic bride, looking at maintaining a classic look, here are eight timeless options that cater for every budget!

10 wedding photos we absolutely adore

Of the thousands of wedding photographs we see every year, some jump right off the page and poke us in the hearts. They don't need to be technically perfect - or highly edited, but there's something about them that forces us to stare - and keep staring. Here are 10 we've recently seen that did just that!

30 thoughts every bride has on her wedding day

We spoke with a dozen brides in a range of age groups and these were the most common things most of them thought at some stage during their big day (though some were a little embarrassed to admit it)!

10 utterly romantic wedding photos you must see (and shoot)

Weddings. They're all about romance and there are plenty of opportunities for a sweet shot of a kiss or loving embrace, but a really good wedding photographer will go beyond the norm and capture those truly unique and intimate moments that, in one look, show the viewer exactly how the newlyweds feel about each other - and not a word need be spoken.

Bridesmaid dresses your bridesmaids will LOVE (as much as you do)!

Bridesmaids. They come in all shapes and sizes - as well as fashion tastes - and, realistically, there is no single bridesmaid dress that will suit every bridesmaid's body - or style preferences. So, we've combed through hundreds of bridesmaids' gowns to create this collection of gorgeous dresses to suit all manner of maids - and, of course, their brides.

11 eye-poppingly beautiful bridal flower crowns

Bridal flower crowns come in myriad styles, from beautiful and bountiful boho chic to simple, subtle and purely elegant. Here are just some of our faves this season...

Ways to have a unity ceremony and 10 variations

The most popular styles of unity ceremonies usually involve sand or candles, but there are many more options. Here are 10 styles of unity ceremony you may want to try at your wedding

10 things nobody tells you about being a bridesmaid

So you're going to be a bridesmaid - how exciting! But as much as you try and imagine the experience and prepare for it, it really has to be experienced to be fully understood. Coming from someone who has already had the honour, here are 10 things nobody tells you about being a bridesmaid.

10 modern metallic wedding cakes (that rock)!

Metallic washes, embellishments or even entire tiers of sparkling sheens can add some serious pizazz to your wedding cake, especially if you’re after a contemporary cake. Here are 10 modern metallic wedding cakes.

10 modern engagement rings (that are a little bit unusual)

Though a princess cut diamond isn't every bride's choice of gemstone - or style - for their engagement ring, it's hardly their only choice, especially if they're after something a little different, more modern and a whole lot less classic. Here are 10 of our favourites...

10 beautiful ‘something blues’

If you like tradition but aren’t necessarily traditional, here are 10 very modern ‘something blues’ you can feature – or hide – on your big day in your quest to check off the something blue requirement of the ‘something old,

Love in the first degree: Get married at the University of Queensland

The historic University of Queensland is more than an institution devoted to higher learning. Now you can get married at the University of Queensland.

10 totally sweet – and classic – father-daughter dance songs

One of the most special and truly emotional moments at any wedding is when the bride takes to the dance floor with her Dad. Here are 10 absolute classic father-daughter dance songs you can’t go wrong with.

13 questions to ask before buying a wedding dress

Having your wedding dress custom-made, purchasing it off-the-rack or, even, buying a pre-loved gown are all very different shopping experiences, however, there are a number of overlapping issues and questions that anyone about to pay for a wedding gown - new, old or custom-sewn - should definitely ask.



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