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Bride’s dress catches fire as she walks down the aisle…

Shocking video has emerged of a Chinese bride walking down the aisle - as her wedding dress catches fire.

10 ways planning a gay wedding is different from planning a straight wedding

At heart a wedding is about nothing more than two people in love standing up and declaring their love to be permanent. But it’s not always that straightforward when it comes time for a same-sex couple to plan their nuptials. Here are 10 ways planning a same-sex wedding can be different to planning a straight-sex celebration.

Plus-size perfection: wedding dresses for ‘those’ problem areas

When you're a plus-size bride - or, even, a bridesmaid with the odd 'problem' area, shopping for a dress can be painful, but it needn't be. Not only do plus-size only wedding dress boutiques abound, so too do wedding dresses designed to flatter any part of your body causing you concern.

Fabulous fun: kids’ wedding activities

If you're inviting children to your wedding, why not ensure they have as good a time as the adults. How? Here are some fabulously fun ideas for keeping kids busy at your wedding.

Suits for the hipster groom (with a nod to the classic)

Today's groom gets to wear whatever he wants, be it absolutely conventional, totally unorthadox or a style that sits somewhere in the middle. On that note, take a look at these quirky, deliciously stylish suits for the hipster groom in you.

10 things guests hate about weddings

Yes, your wedding is about you, but it's also about your guests and their mood and happiness on your big day can affect your happiness, too. If they're unhappy, it can put a real dampener on your own enjoyment. So, here are a few things (most) weddings guests hate.

10 ways to include loved ones in your wedding – when your bridal party is FULL!

Just because they're not sitting at the head table, doesn't mean they can't contribute meaningfully to your big day. Here are some ways to include loved ones in your wedding celebrations when all spots in the bridal party are taken.

Ideas galore: wonderful wedding signs

From directions to decorations, add a little pizazz to your ceremony and reception with these cute, loved-up wedding signs, which you can buy - or create - so that it matches your wedding theme and overall air.

10 proposal ideas (that don’t suck)…  

Let’s face it, you don’t pluck up the courage to propose every Tuesday. So as this is arguably the biggest decision (and hopefully the best) you will ever make, give the occasion a bit of pizzazz. Try and find something unusual, special or even unique. Here are some proposal ideas with wow-factor.

Tuxedos, dinner suits and kilts: a groom’s guide to dressing for his wedding day

What is a tuxedo? How does it differ from a suit? And what exactly is a dinner suit? If you're a groom bamboozled by your (many) wedding day clothing options, here are the answers to these pressing questions.

Three little words: how to say ‘I love you’ in dozens of languages

I love you. They're three very little English words capable of creating some very big emotion. But the effect of being told someone loves you is no less emotional in any of the world's 6500 languages. So, from Esperanto to Elvish and Hindi to Hungarian, here's how to tell someone you love them in dozens of languages, both real and imagined...

Wedding planning questions you probably never thought of – but need to ask

We've answered 15 wedding planning questions you probably never thought of to help prepare you that little bit extra.

Video: restless flower girl interrupts wedding vows – to go for a run!

The all-important vows are, usually, the highlight of any wedding ceremony - but not so at Tom and Katie's weekend nuptials where their very restless flower girl, three-year-old Chloe, stole the show after deciding to go for a little run - just as they were professing their undying love for each other.

Classics: 11 ways to use monograms in your wedding

Monograms, those elegant motifs made by combining two or more letters, are a classic wedding detail that doesn’t just stand out, they also stands the test of time. Monograms in your wedding mark the joining of your lives - and they're incredibly classy to boot.

11 same-sex friendly honeymoon destinations

Here are 10 potential overseas same-sex honeymoon destinations recommended by same-sex couples who've travelled there and found them not only utterly romantic, but also lots of fun - and friendly to same-sex couples.

Real couples: the best marriage advice you’ll ever hear

There are so many practical things to do to make your marriage stronger and better. Of course, it takes work, sometimes hard work, but there are proven ways to give happiness a great chance of success. Each of these ideas,

The ins and outs of having a winery wedding

Having a winery wedding has certainly moved up the popularity charts in recent times, and why wouldn't it? There are so many reasons why a winery makes a brilliant setting for a wedding.

10 ways to use leather in your wedding

Leather is such a timeless, classic piece that often makes way to our homes and wardrobes. Can you imagine it as part of your wedding? It seems unlikely, but leather details are elegant, stylish and not to mention, sexy!

Wedding memes to help you get through the stress of wedding planning

The internet is a wonderful thing, not just for those of us planning weddings, but also for the sheer number of wedding memes out there poking fun at wedding planning and the stress it can sometimes bring. Here are some of our favourites...

20 of the best: laser cut wedding invitations

Laser cut wedding invitations allow designers to take your wedding invitation suite to the next level with a never-before-possible level of detail. So, be it an actual wedding invitation, a Save the Date or a favour box, here are 20 of our favourite wedding related laser cut designs.



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