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Get all the planning advice and tips you’ll need to plan your perfect wedding! Articles cover topics including wedding vows, invitation layouts and printing, toasts, order of service, budget planner, civil celebrants and much more. Browse the category list on the left to find the subject you are looking for.

Marble wedding styling ideas

Here are some ways to incorporate marble wedding styling in your big day...

10 unique engagement shoot ideas

We’ve thrown in some unique engagement shoot ideas below to help make your engagement photo shoot uniquely yours.

The unspoken rules of planning a Hen’s party

Landing yourself a spot on the #TeamBride entourage comes with some special responsibilities...from helping the bride make key decisions (like which cake icing looks best) to planning a hen’s party for her.

10 beautiful winery weddings

Weddings and wine...what's not to love about winery weddings?

8 dos and don’ts of thank you cards

Thank you cards might seem a bit old-fashioned and inefficient in 2016 when social media rules the world, but when it comes to your wedding they are a must! Here are some thank you card dos and don'ts to ensure your guests are sufficiently thanked after your wedding.

10 beautiful bridal shower cake ideas

If you're planning a bridal shower, here are some gorgeous bridal shower cake ideas that will sit pretty among your dessert table masterpiece.

How to avoid FOMO if you have to miss a Hen’s night

If you have to miss a Hen's night, don't stress, there are plenty of ways to make it up to the bride-to-be and avoid severe FOMO at the same time. Here are some ways to fight FOMO, (or at least minimise it.)

25 texts all brides send their MOH

Being the right-hand of the bride can be lots of fun, but isn’t always easy. To give you a heads up on the events that are about to unfold, here are 25 texts all brides send their MOHs. Let us know which ones you can relate to!

Real groom: a gentleman’s guide to marriage

You know you can talk the talk - you did that with your marriage vows - but can you walk the walk? Can you put into practice that which you promised to do? This gentleman's guide to marriage will help a husband to flourish in his marriage.

Four wedding trends modern couples are loving

One of the beautiful things about weddings is that while they’re steeped in tradition, no two celebrations are ever the same, instead reflecting each couple’s very personal and unique love story.

Easy Weddings’ reviews: iPad winning brides

When our EW brides review 10 or more suppliers they used for their wedding, they go into the running to win an iPad. Here are some of our lucky winners.

Wedding food: sit-down v cocktail v buffet

There are so many choices when it comes to your wedding food but even though the flavours and style may vary there are really only three standard ways of serving guests their wedding meal: sit-down dinners; buffets and cocktail servings. Here are the pros and cons of each.

11 awkward situations brides find themselves in

As a bride-to-be you may encounter some exasperating, embarrassing or uncomfortable situations during your journey towards making it down the aisle.

Runway Edit: Idan Cohen Fall 2017 collection

Here are our favourite looks from the Idan Cohen Fall 2017 collection.

Runway Edit: Ines Di Santo Fall 2017 collection

Here are our favourite picks from the Ines Di Santo Fall 2017 collection.

10 brides share their most annoying bridesmaid moments

They may be your besties but that doesn't mean they are perfect. We talked to dozens of brides about what things their beloved bridesmaids did that annoyed them and here are the very surprising answers.

10 alternative wedding centrepieces you’ll love

Get inspired by these unconventional and alternative wedding centrepieces...

8 unspoken rules of being a bridesmaid

What does being a bridesmaid mean to you? Being supportive?Helping with the wedding planning? Standing by her side on her big day? Yes - these are all important. But there are some unspoken rules of being a bridesmaid that you may not be aware of. Here are eight of them.

Wedding day emergency kit checklist

Here's what to pack in your wedding day emergency kit.

Alternative wedding food to delight your guests

These alternative wedding food options will be sure to delight your guests. Warning: food comas imminent.



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