Easy Weddings Planning Tools

Seating Plan

Planning your perfect day online is easy with Easy Weddings!

With your Guest List complete, take some of the stress out of your Seating Plan! Create tables for each of your events and seat your guests, moving them about to your heart’s content!

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Set your tables.

With your guests assigned to your wedding events, you can create tables and manage the order of your guests. You’ll notice right away if Aunt Marge is close too Auntie Betty!


Find Uncle Jeff in a moment.

Search for your guests’ name and filter by their needs. Great if you need to see who has been seated and still needs to RSVP…



Print your plan.

With your guests’ seats finalised, easily print your plan, or save it as a PDF to send via email. An easy guide for your caterer and designers to reference!


Plan from anywhere!

The Easy Weddings Tools are built to work on desktop computers, iPad, Android or Windows devices, so you can plan your wedding in the office, on the train or from your lounge!