Love of adventure leads to Sophia and Dan’s rustic rainforest wedding

Wedding: 12/08/2017

Posted by Roya | 27 October, 2017

Sophia Pincus brought out her best flirting skills when she met Daniel Knoblanche, challenging him to a push-up competition.

“We met at a New Years Eve party in 2013 and it felt like it was fate. Dan had gone to high school with my cousin, and there was so many times we could have met over the years but the universe finally brought us together at the right time.”

“I had an excuse to fawn over him when he won the push-up competition, and we have hardly been apart since,” says Sophia, 27.

The pair spent three years growing up together, graduating university, buying a house, and exploring the world.

“Our adventures have brought us to the top of mountains around the world, illegal parts of Hawaiian jungles in thunderstorms, snow in Tasmania, stunning beaches in Thailand, and rainforests all over Australia from the Gold Coast hinterland to the Blue Mountains.”

On August 12, 2017 Sophia and Dan, 26, wed before 130 guests at their rustic rainforest wedding held at Mavis Kitchen in Northern NSW. Their rainforest dreams came true with the help of Sugar and Spice Events.

The Brisbane pair focused on three things they wanted in their wedding: their favourite people, delicious food, and a beautiful location.

“By focusing on these three things we were able to make sure we always focused on our priorities and kept the day so personal and special to us.”

Photos courtesy of Deb Boots.










Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_011 Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_009


Sophia and her maid of honour wore the very same flower girl dresses to their aunt’s wedding many years before.


Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_015 Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_014
Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_013 Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_016




Sophia and Dan wrote their own vows. “It feels like those promises, so personal and sincere, will bind us forever. We feel so connected not just legally but spiritually too.”




Dan organised a surprise five-day holiday in Port Stephens where he carried out his romantic proposal to Sophia. “One night he took me for a walk on the beach under the stars with just the two of us and the sound of the waves – and proposed!”

Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_021 Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_020




Despite neither having received their wedding attire four days before the wedding, Sophia and Dan say they wouldn’t change a thing. “The day was so peaceful yet full of joy and definitely the best ever!”



Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_027 Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_026



Sugar and Spice Events brought Sophia and Dan’s vision to life. “We were able to bring the outside in with our style team from Sugar and Spice who fulfilled our every rainforest dream!

Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_028 Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_031
Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_030 Sophia_Dan_Rustic-Rainforest-Wedding_Deb-Boots_SBS_032


Sophia and Dan’s cake was made by Dan’s mother and was Ferrero Rocher flavour. Yum!



“I thought we couldn’t be any happier but being married is special beyond my wildest imagination.”

Featured Suppliers:

Brides Gown: Corston Couture / Brides Shoes: Steve Madden / Bridesmaid Shoes: Own shoes / Bridesmaids Accessories: Own choice / Bridesmaids Dresses: Ted Baker / Cake: Groom's mum / Celebrant: Ann Daily / Ceremony Music: Gold Coast String Quartet / Flowers: Moss and Stone / Gift Registry: Thankful / Hair: Depth Events / Honeymoon: Europe / Invitations: Vistaprint / Makeup: Depth Events / Pageboy Attire: Own attire / Photographer: Deb Boots / Rings: Bolton Gems / Venue: Mavis Kitchen / Venue Decor: Sugar and Spice Events / Wedding Night Accommodation: Mavis Kitchen / Wedding Planner: Sugar and Spice Events

Photos courtesy of Deb Boots.