Kathy and David brave the elements for elegant wedding on the Sunshine Coast

Wedding: 11/10/2118

Posted by Lucy | 13 January, 2019

Kathy and David’s wedding day was a “sheet of white and grey” completely hiding the view from One Tree Hill they had dreamed about.

The pair, aged 42 and 43 quickly fell in love after meeting on RSVP. Their elegant chapel wedding on October 11, 2018 was full of wet weather saves! “I remember being so wet my dress dragging behind me leaving swishing marks on the floor,” laughs the bride. “My girls had a hairdryer drying my hair, trying to get the curls back, towels drying my feet and shoes. I remember being smoked out by our fireworks because of the rain.”

In spite of all that, Kathy says she couldn’t stop smiling all day, starting with the ceremony. “I got to the chapel entry and then lifted my head and there he was, the man of my dreams glassy-eyed staring at me. My face lit up and all I saw was my husband to be.”

“The main thing I remember was we smiled and laughed all day and night,” recalls Kathy. “We had each other and we were surrounded with our family and closest friends. In that moment all that mattered was we were on this ride together.”

Photos courtesy of Karen Buckle Photography.

The bride wore a stunning lace gown with veil and drop earrings.

The White Tree provided the couple’s entertainment at the ceremony and reception.

Kathy’s bridesmaids were dressed by The Gown House.

The wild weather only fuelled the couple’s laughter!

“I believe not all couples could remain calm on the day we had. Maybe we were chosen by the powers above,” says the bride.

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Photos courtesy of Karen Buckle Photography.