Kasse and John keep it small and special at modern classic wedding

Wedding: 02/12/2017

Posted by Lucy | 29 March, 2018

There are plenty of benefits to keeping your wedding small and intimate, just ask WA’s Kasse and John.

Although it was initially a struggle to keep the guest list to 55, Kasse, 33, says it paid off.

“We kept it to close friends and my immediate family and it was truly the most beautiful day of our lives,” she says.

“It was so wonderful to have such a small wedding we could really feel that all our guests were involved and felt so proud to be with us.”

Kasse and John, 46, live in Narembeen, and made the 300-kilometre trek to the city to help plan their modern classic wedding in Fremantle.

“After a few failed attempts at finding a reception venue and, countless phone calls, trips to Perth, a mini breakdown by me (consoled by my future husband of course!) and hours on the internet, we came across The Swan Yacht Club,” Kasse explains.

The couple wed on Pier 21 on the North Fremantle foreshore on December 2, 2017.

The Scottish groom kept it traditional in a kilt, while bride Kasse (who originally had her heart set on wearing red) looked beautiful in a beaded ivory gown.

Kasse says they wouldn’t change a thing about their modern classic wedding.

“So many were moved by how much love we have for each other and told us it was one of the best weddings as it was so intimate and special,” she says.

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Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_006 Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_016


“It was a beautiful surprise when John proposed, I didn’t see it coming at all! We had been together for five years and already knew that there was no other person in the world we would rather be with than each other,” Kasse explains.


Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_035 Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_037


Bride Kasse opted for artificial flowers. “They looked very real and was so much easier and cheaper,” she says.


Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_017 Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_021





Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_005 Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_011


Celebrant Rebecca O’Sullivan married the pair in the outdoor ceremony. “We loved that we met her over a few glasses of wine!” recalls Kasse. “She totally got John’s sense of humour and was always laughing along with us.”




Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_001 Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_013

“We met when I was barmaiding in our local club – I had come home broke from travelling America and, of course, John being Scottish loved to stop in for a drink after work. I love John’s sense of humour and the fire in his soul, he is a passionate man and always makes me feel so special,” Kasse says.







“I loved our wedding car! It really made us feel like celebrities cruising around in this beautiful old car!” Kasse says of the wheels from Very Nice Classics.

Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_008 Kasse_John_Modern-Classic-Wedding_Folktales-Photography_SBS_007




“We had a short but fabulous photo shoot in Fremantle and got to our reception on time feeling exhilarated to walk in as husband and wife.”

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