Ironman competitors Kate and Guy unite for their Kings Park Wedding

Wedding: 13/05/2017

Posted by Roya | 27 August, 2017

Professional triathletes representing Australia and New Zealand, Kate Bevilaqua and Guy Crawford met at a mutual friend’s wedding after the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Kate, 40, says the relationship developed shortly after the wedding, at the post-wedding celebrations in Las Vegas. “But as they say, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” Kate laughs as the pair parted ways.

Later that year, Guy, 37, visited Kate in her hometown – Perth. “Saying goodbye was so hard that three months later he packed up his life and moved from New Zealand to Perth!” explains Kate.

Guy proposed to Kate by setting up a picnic on the shore of the Swan River. During the set-up, Guy disappeared, remarking, “Look what I found!” when he finally returned.

There, written in the sand, were the words “Will you marry me?” “There were tears before I finally said yes,” Kate recalls.

On May 13, 2017 Kate and Guy rang in their new marriage in the company of 106 family and friends at their Kings Park wedding held at Fraser’s, overlooking the Perth city skyline.

“The day was absolutely everything we could have dreamed of and more,” recalls Kate.

Their guest list included those from interstate and across the globe, including New Zealand, USA, Canada, Melbourne, and Townsville. “It was amazing to have our family and friends from all over the world in one place. That never happens!”

Kate advises couples coming up to their own wedding day to take a moment on the hour, every hour, to soak it all in. “It goes by so quickly! The memories will last forever!”

Photos courtesy of Janine Kaye Photography.


Inspired by Kate’s racing uniform, and by the couple’s triathlon coaching company GK Endurance, Kate and Guy’s wedding colours were mainly red and black (and white of course). “Red has always been my favourite colour!” says Kate.

Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_004 Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_003
Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_001 Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_002

Kate and Guy’s laser cut invitations from felicitations matched perfectly with the wedding’s overall red and black colour scheme.


Kate entrusted Willetton Wedding Flowers with all the floral arrangements. “Red roses were chosen as the dominant flower to match the theme,” she describes. Here she carries a teardrop bouquet.



Kate had her wedding shoes made in red to match the red and black theme. “I loved them!”

Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_008 Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_006
Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_007 Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_010




Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_012 Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_013



Kate and Guy exchanged vows in the chapel of prestigious boys’ school, Christ Church Grammar, where Kate taught for eight years.




“The sun was shining and our wedding was full of love and laughter and tears of joy,” says the bride.



Guy and his crew looked great in their blue suits and a pop of red.

Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_020 Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_016


The pair had their photos taken within the grounds of the Univeristy of Western Australia, where Kate had studied for four years.




“Guy makes me laugh,” Kate explains. “He has unconditional love and will always be there for me. He reminds me to slow down, smell the roses, and live life!”



Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_025 Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_024


“I love her ability to forgive me, and her passion and drive towards sport and life,” Guy says. “I love the fact she’s so determined and sometimes stubbon, and her mellowness and how she loves me for me.”





The party continued into the night at Fraser’s Kings Park, perfectly decorated to fit the red and black theme by Event Style.

Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_030 Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_033
Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_032 Kate_Guy_Kings-Park-Wedding_Janine-Kaye-Photography_SBS_034

The pair gave gender-specific bomboniere to their guests. The males recieved bicycle bottle openers, while the female guests took home red nail polish and a candle. “I always paint my nails red before a major competition,” Kate explains.




Self-confessed crazy cat people, Kate and Guy say they would’ve loved to have had their cat at the wedding. “Instead we had personalised m&ms made with her face on them for the lolly buffet!”


Combined with the talents of Da Doo Ron Ron DJ Entertainment, Kate and Guy got the party started with their co-ordinated first-dance. “We nailed it! Four months of practice and we got it right when it counted!”


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Photos courtesy of Janine Kaye Photography.