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A good old-fashioned barbie: Trina and Damien’s rustic vintage wedding

After six years together, Trina Wormald and Damien Trudgian wed in an idyllic setting in the presence of their two young children.

The Gold Coast couple walked down the aisle at their rustic vintage wedding on September 12, 2015 at Maleny Retreat in front of 99 friends and family.

The reception was then held in the venue’s marquee, and the barbecue buffet was designed to make guests feel like they had been invited around for a barbie. It was after all, how the couple first met. “Damien [42] and I met against all odds on an annual Australia Day pilgrimage to the Gold Coast for barbecues and friends,” explains Trina. “Little did we know that day would be life changing.”

Trina, 41, looked stunning in a simple strapless gown from Luv Bridal & Formal and the venue decorations were her own vision with cute signs, a lolly bar and outdoor spaces for guests to gather adding to the rustic theme. “Our wedding day was a true reflection of ourselves. From the nicknames as placecards, to the Jenga guestbook, to the Lego cake toppers, to the barbecue buffet and festival feel,” Trina says.

Despite juggling two young children, Trina describes herself as a relaxed bride. “I was a pretty easygoing bride, which was amazing considering I have two small children,” she says.

“The entire planning and styling was done by myself and I should have asked for more helpers on the day to take the stress out, but that’s what comes with a DIY wedding.”

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Oliphant Photography.

Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_001 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_002
Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_019 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_004


Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_012 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_013


Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_006 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_010
Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_009 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_008


Trina looked stunning in a strapless gown with belt detail.


Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_018 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_020
Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_021 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_022



Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_026 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_029


“We are so different yet can be so similar,” Trina says of her relationship to Damien.





Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_027 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_034



“The love we share is like no other,” Trina says. “We literally laugh every day.”

Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_044 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_039

Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_047 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_037Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_046

Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_033 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_043
Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_035 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_034
Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_036 Trina_Damien_Rustic-Vintage-Wedding_SBS_007



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