Carol and Jasper plan traditional Hong Kong wedding with western twist

Wedding: 28/04/2018

Posted by Roya | 22 November, 2018

Though originally from Anhui in China, Carol and Jasper met on their first day of university in Queensland.

“We got together after a year of friendship,” says Carol of their now nine-year-relationship.

When it came to planning their wedding Carol and Jasper, aged 28 and 27, prioritised creating a traditional Hong Kong wedding with personalised elements.

“We were really clear with what we wanted,” says the bride. “We spent just under a year to prepare our wedding, liaising with my sister as our point of contact in Hong Kong.”

On April 28, 2018 the pair tied the knot with both a traditional Hong Kong ceremony and a western ceremony before celebrating into the night with a photo booth and a lavish cocktail party for 180 held at Jumbo on Hong Kong Island.

To personalise the event, Carol and Jasper designed their own invitations and set up the venue themselves, adding hints of vintage style including a Dim Sim bamboo box for their flower table.

Photos courtesy of Mitchell J Carlin.

If they could do it all again, Carol and Jasper say they’d take less photos with guests, eat more and play more.

“We had the most traditional yet unique and personalised wedding,” says the bride.

“Jasper is my true strength and support,” Carol says of her now-husband.  “He helps me to see beauty when it’s hard to see, to show empathy when it’s hard to love, and to laugh when all I want to do is cry. We’re looking forward to building our family together.”

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Photos courtesy of Mitchell J Carlin.