Bride Chene plans her and Dion’s classic wedding herself

Wedding: 24/08/2018

Posted by Roya | 14 December, 2018

For bride Chene, 22, the night before the wedding consisted of making her own bridal bouquet – finally getting to bed at midnight.

“I even emailed the DJ at 5am in the morning – got to love last-minute organisation,” laughs the bride.

The wedding was a collective effort, with family and friends mucking in to ensure the day didn’t break the bank. “I planned everything,” she says.

Before her wedding to Dion, 21, Chene credits orange juice and champagne for helping to calm any nerves. She needn’t be nervous however, as Chene says any stress melted away the moment she saw her smiling groom at the altar.

The Wollongong pair celebrated their classic wedding on August 24, 2018 with 85 in attendance. The day began with a traditional church ceremony and ended with a Panorama House reception complete with speeches, food and dancing.

“We still relive the wedding every time we pass Panorama House.”

Photos courtesy of Hilda Bezuidenhout.

“As soon as I entered the church and saw Dion, I couldn’t help but smiling. At this moment I knew that this man will be by my side no matter what.”

Chene and Dion had their beautiful photos taken at Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse.

“We might not have the most exciting story in the eyes of other people, but we do have an amazing story within our four years of being together. Our story is my favourite.”

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Photos courtesy of Hilda Bezuidenhout.