Aneta and Chris opt for simple elegance at classic wedding in Melbourne

Wedding: 22/04/2017

Posted by Lucy | 24 January, 2019

Although Aneta and Chris first met as teenagers at an underage disco, they weren’t an item until much later when they reached their 20s.

On April 22, 2017 the couple married at their classic wedding with 150 guests. A ceremony at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne was followed by a celebration at Ballara Receptions.

“Our wedding day vision was classic with simple white and green flowers,” explains the bride. “We had a traditional layout at the reception with round tables. Simple and modest.”

The bride’s gown was equally simple yet stunning – an ivory beaded dress. “I loved it because it wasn’t over the top,” recalls Aneta. Her favourite moment from the day was standing at the church listening to the priest announce her and Chris as husband and wife.

Aneta’s advice for others planning to wed is to plan your wedding to your own taste. “Only you will look back at the photos and appreciate it,” she smiles.

Photos courtesy of Desiren Photography.

Aneta was a huge fan of her beaded gown for its simplicity and elegance.

LillyPad Flowers & Events provided the classic bouquets.

The pair ordered from Giant Invitations to invite their 150 guests.

Chris proposed to his bride with flower petals spelling ‘Will you marry me?’

The couple’s stunning cake was created by Jessicakes.

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Photos courtesy of Desiren Photography.