Amy wears black dress to her and Andrew’s alternative gothic wedding

Wedding: 25/11/2017

Posted by Roya | 17 June, 2019

For alternative couple Amy and Andrew, a traditional white wedding was simply out of the question.

“Our theme was gothic: full of blacks and red and orange-glow candles,” says the bride. Bold flower arrangements with red, white and burgundy roses complemented the moody theme while also adding that romantic element every wedding deserves.

Even Amy’s dress suited the gothic wedding theme! “I’ve never been a traditional person. I am covered in tattoos and white was never for me. Naturally, I always knew I would be wearing a black dress. I picked some elements from dresses I liked and worked with a designer to make my dream dress,” explains Amy.

The couple, witnessed by 280 guests, tied the knot at on a sunny November 25 in 2017. Guests were treated to a garden ceremony at Historic Eschol Park House followed by an evening reception held at Villa Capri in Sydney.

Other alternative elements included Amy’s bridal procession flanked by both parents and the newlyweds’ grand entrance to the reception room head-banging to a heavy metal song.

Photos courtesy of Zee and Cee Studio and Giant Invitations.

Amy’s dress was created using black lace instead of traditional white lace. The contrast it made against the gown’s white underlay is simply breathtaking!

Andrew popped the question while the couple explored Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto, Japan.

A number of elements, including decor, hair, makeup and flowers, were organised by Sydney wedding planner and stylist Anna Wang.

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Photos courtesy of Zee and Cee Studio.