Top 5 Wedding Style Trends for 2023

Updated on: December 18, 2023

Australia’s couples have spoken. We have surveyed 3500+ couples about their wedding plans and we want our network of suppliers to be a step ahead of the competition. We dive into the top wedding style trends of the 2022-23 season and beyond, to help our suppliers better support couples to achieve their wedding day vision.

Our annual survey provides valuable insights into what wedding trends are on the horizon. The past few years of pandemic impacts have significantly changed the way couples plan and celebrate, but we are seeing an optimism for 2023 weddings and beyond, with planning returning to pre-pandemic times.

How can trend insights help your wedding business?

Engaged couples visit Easy Weddings for inspiration to help build their wedding day vision board, so they are looking for images that match the style and vibe they are after. Selecting images that appeal to your target market will help to attract those couples to enquire with you.  It is also important to reflect those trending aesthetics into your website and socials to ensure your brand resonates with your key market.

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wedding locations 2023

Wedding Trends in 2023

  • More than half of all couples (57%) are seeking out all-in-one reception venues that can host their ceremony on-site, ahead of a park, garden, or beach setting (18%), followed by a church location (11%).
  • When it comes to the reception, couples are preferring a garden or outdoor setting (18%), followed by a winery (15%), a waterview venue (13%), a farm or barn (12%), and a function centre or ballroom (11%). Historic estates, restaurant/bars and event space/warehouses represent a further 6% each of couples’ reception venue preferences.
  • Whites and neutrals are the most popular hero colours, preferred by almost a third (31%) of 2023 couples; followed by greens (18%), pinks (12%) and blues (11%)
  • Pinks and greens remain on-trend both as hero colours and accents, with 2023 couples continuing to include greenery as a prominent feature in their styling.

1. Rustic

Rustic’s country vibes took a back seat to romantic’s soft neutral palette in 2022, however rustic is making a comeback as the top style trend for 2023, representing almost a quarter of all weddings (24%) for the upcoming season.

What’s great about a rustic wedding is that it evokes a particular country-feel aesthetic across every category of supplier, including cellar doors or farm and barn style venues, botanical florals and woodgrain styling, and even a live band.

Catering that’s more casual and low-key can easily be considered rustic — think spit roasts and whole fish cooked over open flames.

collingwood childrens farm wedding venue melbourne VIC
Collingwood Children’s Farm creates a stunning backdrop to a rustic wedding venue.

2. Modern/minimalist

One in five couples said a modern minimalist style was their top choice for a paired-back 2022-23 wedding.

Many couples who opt for a minimalist-style wedding prefer to focus on a few key elements.  That might be in the choice of setting, with a venue providing an incredible view from the ceremony site, or a warm and cozy atmosphere without needing much additional decor.

Invitations and signage are simple yet sleek, sometimes monochromatic, often featuring bold or geometric lines.

A minimalist wedding style can also apply to the style of dress for the wedding party. The couple might favour basic silhouettes and bold colours, or perhaps a modern, tailored look is what they are after.

Wedding styling trends to watch in 2023, modern minimalist wedding styling
Elegant, minimalistic styling by Heart & Soul Events Co Perth | Photo by Mel Silva

3. Romantic

Last year’s trendsetter, romantic rounds out the top three wedding style trends to watch for the upcoming 2023 season, chosen by 19% of couples. The romantic style’s white and neutral palette remains the most popular colour scheme again next wedding season.

Brides opting for a romantic wedding trend generally choose feminine gowns in soft or draped fabrics and bridesmaids’ attire in nude or muted tones, paired with soft hair and makeup. Nude and pastel florals complement the soft romantic styling, paired with draped and lightweight fabrics.

Romantic is a versatile style that can be adapted into most other wedding styles and settings, with meandering wedding flowers to match the environment.

Stephanie Robert Romantic Wedding James Day Photography FAV 011 900x600 900x600 1
Romantic wedding style features soft or draped fabrics and florals in white, nude or muted tones.

4. Classic/Traditional

About 10% of Australian couples envision a classic or traditional wedding style in 2022-22. Couples will choose elements that they expect will stand the test of time across all aspects of their wedding, including attire and venue. Florals and styling will usually include roses, orchids and peonies.

Couples with a classic wedding style in mind are more likely to book a timeless venue, like a hotel ballroom or a mansion that doubles as a private event space.

When it comes to music, think classic ceremony songs played by strings or a live band, followed by a DJ pumping dancefloor hits for the reception.

Couple entering reception
Ballroom and mansion venues, like Sydney’s Ivy Ballroom, make a perfect setting for classic or traditional-style weddings.

5. Bohemian

A mainstay for years now, the Bohemian wedding style still represents 5% of today’s weddings. Couples opting for a boho style tend to combine an eclectic mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details, however the style can be paired with modern or outdoor spaces too — whether that’s an open lawn and rustic barn scene or a modern open-air winery overlooking vineyards.

Kombi vans add a striking and fun addition to boho wedding photos, as do memorable elements like a prosecco truck.

When it comes to Boho attire and hair & makeup, think loose, flowy styles and a natural personal style approach. Music is usually an important part of the celebration for Boho couples too, who might want a live guitarist and singer for the ceremony and cocktails followed by a big band for their reception.

Kombis add a retro element to a bohemian wedding. Photo: Peninsula Kombi Bus
Kombis add a retro element to a bohemian wedding. Photo: Peninsula Kombi Bus

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