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Updated on: October 4, 2019

Get to know some of our Easy Weddings staff! From sales and customer success to marketing, IT and every department in between. These are the faces that make up our amazing workplace and culture!

Meet Luke

Web Designer

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I was freelancing as a web designer/developer before I started at Easy Weddings, but I was getting really sick of working on my own. I wanted to work with other people who had similar skillsets to me so that I could share interests and knowledge with them.

The flexibility and culture at Easy Weddings are definitely some of the reasons I love working here. Not only are we all working towards a bigger goal but our voices are heard if we have any issues or suggestions for improvements. I’ve reaped a lot of great experience and knowledge from a lot of bright people in the industry by networking here, and we all work to make each other’s time here as good as possible.

We’re also offered a lot of opportunities when it comes to our working interests. There are definitely some staff perks. The fact that I’m currently writing this while working in our UK office proves that!

I also manage a Trello board for my own life and personal work. It’s taken me a few years to nail out the kinks in the system but it helps makes me both super productive but also responsible for my own time. I’m able to build my own digital projects outside of Easy Weddings using the existing skillset that I’ve been able to upgrade.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of a young generation of digital inventors, startups and entrepreneurs.

The tight five:

Favourite Movie – Undecided. I’ve seen way too many movies for the average person.

Favourite Holiday Destination – Switzerland or New Zealand! I’m a total sucker for photogenic landscapes and tiny towns.

Favourite activity at EW – Gym at lunch and running club on Fridays! Being energetic at work provides a better headspace and healthier attitude towards both your work and colleagues.

Favourite free Monday lunch – Sushi is always a fun surprise!

Easy Weddings slide count – 8 or 9 times I’d say

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