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Updated on: May 17, 2018

Business Development Manager, Daniel Rizk, sat down with us and discussed his favourite parts of his role at Easy Weddings, and some interesting facts about himself you may not know.

Daniel Rizk
Daniel Rizk

What do you do at Easy Weddings?

Business Development Manager, My core role is firstly to identify great suppliers that would be a good fit for our couples and bring them on to the network. My secondary role is to get an understanding of their goals and business plans so that I can help these suppliers grow and develop by providing them with the correct advice, tools and resources that will ensure they are able to be successful.

What did you do before you joined Easy Weddings?

Insurance and general finance brokerage. In this role, I helped the general public re-asses their insurances so that they had not only the correct level of cover but the most cost-effective solutions (pretty boring stuff) I also over the past few years have been involved in the building of investment portfolios across Australian securities and commodities and both Local and international property.

What are the most common questions you get from couples/suppliers?

When talking with suppliers about their business and involvement in the market I get quite a lot of questions (I also ask a lot of questions!) but I would have to say that the main two would be in relation to how much to charge for their services, and “what online marketing channels should I use?”

What do you like best about working at EW and why?

The people here and the culture are absolutely fantastic, all the staff that work here are supportive and invested in not only our growth but more importantly the growth of our customers, it genuinely feels like a large family here from the staff to our suppliers. Also helping small Australian business grow and succeed is a passion of mine (by far my favourite career role).

What’s something fun we don’t know about you?

I have four citizenships!  I have both Canadian and Australian passports and citizenship’s as I was born in Toronto, Also my parents are from Egypt so I have a National ID card (citizenship) and finally my wife is Italian Australian so we have Access to EU card although we still have not applied yet. It may not sound like a fun fact but to me, it definitely is as I plan to spend a large portion of my life travelling and living abroad.

Anything else you wanted to add?

Just that I am grateful to work for a company that cares about helping businesses grow as it is also a passion of mine. This is a company that practices what they preach.

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