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Updated on: May 8, 2019
*In the original email sent out about pricing, the below picture was included as an example of what category listings will look like. Please be advised that the average amounts in the image are an example and not a true indication of how the featured celebrants are priced. We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion caused by this.

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Pricing is gradually being rolled out to Easy Weddings storefronts. If your category is currently undergoing a rollout, here’s what you need to know.

Why we suggest you should display price

The end result for you is an increase of more qualified enquiries.

Multiple studies (including our annual survey of couples) have shown that consumers want to see the prices of products and services.

For many, this is the first time they are planning a wedding, and the research phase goes into a lot of depth as they have access to much more information at their fingertips than ever before. But the main thing that couples are looking for before making contact with vendors is an idea of their price tag.

In our survey, and from other observations from the global wedding market, couples become frustrated when they don’t have a reference point of price. They would rather engage with a supplier who is willing to give an indication of their pricing, and they are more likely to enquire with a supplier when their pricing is more visible.

We know that nearly half of all wedding professionals say their price varies between almost every customer based on needs, which is why we generally have advised having a conversation first before providing a price. However, with more than 80% of couples wanting to see an indication of the price before enquiring, we do think that these strategies go hand in hand to support the customer’s needs as well as display your own value.

pricing on storefronts

How do I get them on the phone if they are just price shopping?

Millennials are difficult to get a hold of on the phone. They are savvy when it comes to research and will avoid ‘sales’ conversations whenever possible. The main aim is to have a conversation to understand their needs.

If your conversation starts with, “my prices range from x – y, so I need to know what you are looking for exactly” you are on the right track. For example:

“My prices range from x-y, I would love to find out some more information about your wedding so I can provide you with a more accurate quote.”

Keep in mind that the average Australian couple ends up spending around $10,000 over what they originally budgeted, so there is room there for you to educate them on your value.

pricing on storefronts

Why we recommend the average price

The average price helps couples buy! You are the expert and know your business better than anyone. You know what most couples end up purchasing, and that is your target market. If you are looking for more qualified leads, show your most popular package price and communicate your value through your storefront to encourage them to be contacting you.

When it comes to displaying pricing information, the important part is making the customer feel like there is a potential match in price points upfront. This opens the door for you to sell yourself and the expertise you can provide!

Low prices tend to attract lower paying clients with smaller budgets while displaying highest prices can scare away some potential clients if they think their budget might not go that far. Which is why we suggest displaying your average.

pricing on storefronts

I’ve heard conflicting things about displaying price

As time goes on, consumer behaviours change. As suppliers who have been in the industry for a while would know, millennials have changed the way they approach enquiries. And therefore the ways that we respond.

As many potential clients are predominantly uneducated when it comes to the true value of wedding suppliers, we encourage having a conversation with your couples. However, you need to make sure that they’re ready to have the conversation with you in the first place. It’s like sending an email – you can’t get your message across if they don’t open the email in the first place!

You want to be providing enough information on pricing that they want to know more about your services, but not enough that they feel like they can get an entire quote without your input. Encouraging those conversations will allow you to further educate couples on the value of your individual services, as well as what you can offer them for their big day.

pricing on storefronts

How do I display my price on Easy Weddings?

There are three options for displaying your price on your Easy Weddings storefront. You should already see these options in the storefront tab of your WedCRM.

Don’t Show

This will keep your storefront looking as it is now – but we discourage this as millennials prefer to have some guide as to what the average pricing is

Show Average Price (Custom)

You’ll be able to enter your own average price on your storefront

Show Average Price (From Customer Reviews)

This is an average price calculated on your Easy Weddings reviews from the last three years. If you do not have any reviews no price will display initially unless you update this in your WedCRM. If this is the case we recommend selecting your own custom average price.

When can I leave my pricing as a default?

If you are a new supplier and don’t quite know what your average price is, it is better to go with an industry average until you find your place in the market.

When should I not put my price up at all?

If you have such a wide variety of products that it is very difficult to put the most popular or average price on, then you should not display your price. This could be if you offer wedding cakes as well as floral styling, for instance.

Login to WedCRM now to edit your pricing options for your category. 

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