Introducing the Colour of 2024 and Why It Matters to Business

Updated on: January 29, 2024

“Subtly sensual,” as described by the colour connoisseurs at Pantone, the official hue of 2024 is none other than Peach Fuzz – a delicate blend of peach, apricot, and coral.

“Peach Fuzz inspires a sense of belonging, recalibration, and an opportunity for nurturing. It conjures an air of calmness, providing a space for individuals to be, feel, heal, and flourish,” the colour experts at Pantone say.

Duuet Photography Flowers St Germain Jayne Chad peach fuzz
Peach Fuzz tones feature in the stunning florals of Jayne and Chad’s wedding, by Flowers St Germain. Image: Duuet Photography

Now, you might be wondering, what does this have to do with weddings, and why should it matter to suppliers?

In a recent podcast, international wedding industry speaker and consultant, Alan Berg, simplifies the answer:

“You should absolutely care about the colour of the year because a large percentage of your couples will choose it for their wedding theme.”

– Alan Berg, Wedding Industry Consultant

Whether you’re in the business of flowers, dresses, linens, lighting, or invitations, adapting to this colour trend could mean changing your language, office decor, and even the photos you showcase, Alan adds.

peach entrance paper and ink
Peach hues feature in the above entrance, and below invitation and seating chart. Images: Paper and Ink Studios.

Peach fuzz stationery by paper and ink studios

Our insights from the Easy Weddings 2024 Australian Wedding Industry Report  reveal that couples prioritise suppliers whose photos align with their wedding vision – making it the second most influential factor in their decision-making process, right after upfront pricing.

While white and neutrals continue to dominate as the preferred colour choices for hero and accent themes in 2024, greens (and greenery), and pinks are gaining popularity, closely followed by blues.

Peach Fuzz pantone colour of the year 2024
The Colour of 2024 is ‘Peach Fuzz’. Image: Pantone

For wedding suppliers, this stability in colour preferences in recent years presents an opportunity to maintain a timeless appeal in your marketing materials.

When planning your branding and social media content this year, keep these colour trends in mind. Aligning your colours with the vision of this year’s couples can foster a stronger connection and increase your chances of securing more bookings.

Colours IG1 2

Delve deeper into 2024 trends in ourarticle, Leverage 2024 Wedding Styles & Venue Trends to Elevate Your Brand.

However, Alan Berg emphasises that riding the wave of trending colours alone won’t fill your booking calendar; you still need to master the key sales skills to convert leads successfully.

forever us supplierthumb photo b44418af 0c6b 45b7 9ab7 023e2242ab9f
Soft pink hues are on trend for 2024 weddings, according to our Wedding Industry Report. Image: Forever Us

Discover What 2024 Couples Want

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Stay tuned to Easy Weddings for more updates and insights as we continue to uncover the ever-evolving world of weddings in Australia.

You can listen to Alan Berg’s full podcast below:

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