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Did You Know?

  • The American city of Las Vegas is home to approximately 115,000 weddings every year ensuring, rather solidly, that it retains its title as wedding capital of the world - year after year!
  • Traditionally, the date of a Hindu wedding was chosen using astrological calculations. Many modern Indian couples still follow this beguilling ancient tradition.
  • What a month at EW!

    So much has happened since we last emailed you. In the past month, we’ve moved offices, we’ve sent out 1200+ of Five-Star Supplier frames, we’ve launched our new Supplier Badges and our annual Australian wedding survey and, finally, we hit 20,000+ gifts on our wedding registry.

    Phew. What a month, indeed! The thing is, the next few months are going to be even busier, so stay tuned for lots of fantastic news and developments and, as always, if you have questions, please email us here.

    Until next time,
    Team Easy Weddings

    PS: Our new address is 18 Miles Street, Mulgrave. Victoria. 3170. Our phone number remains unchanged. It’s still 1800 155 122.

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