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Updated on: October 23, 2013
A sample of Easy Weddings' new Supplier Notifications newsletter
A sample of Easy Weddings’ new Visitor Report

We understand money is tight and that every cent you spend on advertising needs to be justified. So, to assist you in measuring the traffic sent to your site from Easy Weddings, we’ll start sending you out a new Visitor Report next week.

You already know that Easy Weddings is Australia’s No.1 wedding directory and that we send significant traffic to your website, but do you know how much? These new Visitor Reports will arrive in your Inbox daily or weekly (or never), if you choose. They’ll tell you the bride’s first name (if available), their approximate location, the date and time of their visit to your website as well as your referring webpage.

Most clients will receive a notification each time a bride visits your site from ours, however if you’re one of the many sites that receive hundreds (or even thousands) of visitors per month from Easy Weddings, you’ll receive your notifications in groups of 10 visits. Of course, if you’re getting too much traffic from us, you can turn the notifications off or change the number you receive by visiting:

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