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Updated on: June 20, 2017

Easy Weddings is proud to announce the introduction of WedCRM: a new and easier way to manage your wedding business. Find WedCRM here. 

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a customer relationship management system. It will help you to better manage your customers with an easy-to-use interface. This includes your storefront, sales leads, statistics, reviews, marketing, financials and more.

Current features:

Easy Weddings will be continually updating WedCRM’s features. Here is a run-down of its current features.


Your dashboard gives you a quick overview of some of WedCRM’s main features. You’ll notice at the top of the screen you are given a % storefront strength. This helps direct you to areas of your storefront that might need improvement to maximise your enquiries on Easy Weddings.

wedcrm 1

Sales leads

You can manage all your sales leads in this tab. The initial screen will give you an overview of your leads, their location, their status and their potential. This will give you a projected sales pipeline.

Once you click on an individual lead you can add further information such as all their contact details, your quoted price, their partner’s details and more. You can also add notes about any interaction you’ve had with your leads.



Currently, in the automation tab, you can create a template response email so you can respond to enquiries as fast as possible. According to the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, 50% of couples book the first wedding supplier they talk to – so getting back to an enquiry fast is highly important. More automation features will be added soon.


The statistics tab displays useful statistics such as listing views, storefront views, enquiries and reviews. You can view these stats over a 12 month period and easily compare your performance month to month.


Reviews are an important feature of your Easy Weddings storefront. Our stats show that 1 review sees a 25% increase in results, 11+ reviews a 200% increase in results,  and 40+ reviews a 400% increase in results. Use this section of the CRM to easily manage your reviews.


Your storefront tab helps you to easily manage the appearance of your storefront. Drag and drop images, edit your storefront information, add videos, special offers, and packages.


Chat to our sales team about how you can secure on of the top 3 listings in your category and region.

Expert advice

Expert advice is a useful feature that allows you to answer bride questions relating to your specific category. Your answers will be featured on your storefront and not only help display your expertise but also direct traffic to your storefront. Visit this tab of the CRM to start answering questions.


In the marketing section, you will find a host of resources to help promote your wedding business. This includes a review widget to display your reviews on your website, our Facebook app, email signature, badges, buttons, and social icons for your website.


Manage all your financials in this section of the CRM. Track invoices, make payments, and direct debit requests with our easy-to-use interface.

Live chat:

Got a question about the CRM while you are using it? WedCRM includes a live chat feature so you can chat with an Easy Weddings staff member and have them guide you through it.

Coming soon

Easy Weddings will be continually adding features to WedCRM. See more on how to use WedCRM below:

Find WedCRM here. 

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