Industry Insider: Interview with Will from This Day Forward

this day forward wedding photography

Will from This Day Forward. View his storefront here.

Will Hartl is a Sydney-based photographer behind the wedding photography business ‘This Day Forward’. Will is a passionate photographer who decided to make the jump to wedding photography and hasn’t looked back. We asked him a few questions about his experience working in the wedding industry.

Tell us a bit about your business and your experience in the wedding industry

This Day Forward was born as a wedding present to a close friend whilst I was living in France. I never set out to start a wedding photography business, the organic growth has been very humbling. I have loved capturing the love, joy and the adventure whilst being surrounded by amazing people around the world. I really love what I do.

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How does wedding photography differ from other types of photography? Do you take a different approach for a wedding?

I originally wanted to be conflict photographer, but the whole ‘might get killed’ thing made me re-direct. In a way wedding photography is a delicate dance between photo-journalism and an artistic fashion editiorial. I let the people / couples relax and make sure they have an amazing time. I take a step back and capture that joy in an unobtrusive and artistic way.

What do you do to make your business stand out to brides?

I try to let my work speak for itself. Every wedding is different so I offer coverage solutions to suit the unique needs of each client. Everything from intimate elopements to lavish destination weddings, I offer prices and coverage to suit the scale and needs of each couple / wedding.

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If you could give 1 piece of advice to a brand new wedding professional what would it be?

For me I knew what i disliked aesthetically with wedding photography, so steering away from that was easy. The industry is filled with same same but different, sadly there will always be people who will undercut you. Find your point of difference, know your worth and stand by it. What is your style? How can you be unique?

What’s the biggest learning you’ve had in 2016 that’s helped your business

I was very blessed to travel a lot in 2016. Italy, France, Fiji, Vanuatu, and all around Australia. I learnt to focus on working with people that love what you do, rather than just being another option. Finding couples who pick you and trust what you see and how you think.

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What are your plans/goals for 2017? How will you make it your best year yet?

Maya Angelou said “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” For me this is a really great mantra for anything, work, relationships and life. So 2017 for me is about being healthy, happy and inspired. You’d be surprised what manifests when you’re in a great headspace. It’s leads to great opportunities and connecting with more amazing people.

You can view This Day Forward’s storefront here.