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Updated on: September 26, 2013
Hire a Kombi were just one of the wedding suppliers  Easy Weddings suppliers to receive a five-star review certificate of excellence.
Hire a Kombi were just one of hundreds of Easy Weddings suppliers to receive a five-star review certificate of excellence.

September was a month of smiles and surprises for many of Easy Weddings suppliers who achieved perfect five-star ratings over the past 12 months.

They were recipients of Easy Weddings’ inaugural five-star awards, which recognise suppliers whose service is so exemplary their own customers rated them a perfect 5/5 time and time again.

“Most of our customers are small businesses and they do such a fantastic job with very little public acknowledgement so we wanted to give them that public acknowledgement,” says Matt Butterworth, Easy Weddings’ Managing Director.

“We wanted to surprise them, so we didn’t tell any of the recipients they’d been awarded a five-star Certificate of Excellence, we just sent them out.”

“We didn’t hear anything for a few days, but then, one by one, the emails and phone calls, even Facebook messages and Twitter and Instagram posts started trickling in.

“We were thrilled at the response and, especially, that everyone was so happy to be recognised for their hard work.”

We’ve received some fantastic, truly heart-warming feedback including this lovely quote from one of our suppliers.

We’ve changed the names due to privacy reasons.

“I just thought I would email you this morning and tell you of my lovely surprise I received yesterday. My 10 year old son Edward found a parcel in our back yard where the courier had placed it. Mum may I open it, it is from Easy Weddings, yes of course my darling. Wow to our surprise, a lovely Certificate of Excellence.  My son sat and read the letter out word for word! He was so so proud that his mummy received an award. Thanks for making both our days”

This response alone made the whole exercise so rewarding for our entire crew of 30 people, each of whom played some part in creating and sending out the certificates.

Every Easy Weddings team member – and a few members of our extended family – were on hand to help assemble and pack the frames. It was our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the members of Australia’s wonderful industry who help give it such a great reputation.

“Achieving a five-star rating in the wedding industry over 12 months is no easy feat, yet so many of our suppliers managed it,” says Matt who personally unpacked and assembled frames, lovingly placed certificates and stuffed hundreds upon hundreds of envelopes.

“The whole exercise was so fulfilling and worth every last scrape and paper cut! I can only hope that next year we have even more five-star suppliers to send frames to.”

Any Easy Weddings supplier who receives at least five, five-star reviews between July 2013 and June 2014, will find one of these beauties winging its way to them in August next year.
So, remember to keep sending your brides to www.EasyWeddings.com.au/Reviews.

Easy Weddings staff (and a few helpers) pack thousands of five-star vendor certificates
Easy Weddings staff (and a few helpers) spending their Saturday packing thousands of five-star vendor certificates.

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