5 reasons why you need to see Big Dave in action

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Updated on: March 2, 2019

When you have a nickname like ‘Big Dave’, of course, a lot is expected from you. And luckily, our very own special guest speaker David Staughton packs a punch.

Dave has built a multi-business wedding empire in Victoria, and has since then, dedicated himself to being a highly sought after business consultant to help grow the businesses of other wedding professionals.

Dave has been our guest speaker at a few industry events, but the real chance to see him in action will be at Easy Weddings Evolve, where Dave will be the MC! So not only will you get to hear him present, but you’ll also have the opportunity to hear him more than once!

If you haven’t already secured your ticket for Evolve, here are a few reasons why you need to come and see Dave in action.

Introducing David Staughton
You’ll be inspired

Since the age of 6, Dave worked in his grandparent’s hardware shop. Even as a child and a teenager, he’s had a passion for small business. He could even tell when that hardware business was going in the wrong direction.

Dave’s real-life experience and knowledge of business put him in good stead to thrive after a brush with near-bankruptcy. He’s come out of this on top to become one of Australia’s best and most awarded public speakers.

But you’ll be taught to keep your feet on the ground

Despite making you feel passionate about your business, Dave’s not one to teach you things that won’t work. All of his advice is based on his own experience, so it’ll add value that is actually measurable.

He can get you inspired about working on your business through measurable means, and help you keep your feet on the ground to really make those big dreams come true.

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He’s done it before

Until 2001, Dave ran four successful wedding venues in Victoria over a period of 15 years. Not only that, he was hands-on with the business as well, offering MC services for couples.

Over that time, Dave employed more than 200 people and did more than 2000 weddings. So not only can he teach you to run your business, but he can also help you to scale your business in terms of hiring and adding additional locations.

Dave also has outsider expertise

We can all get a little caught up in our own businesses and the wedding industry. And while Dave does have extensive knowledge of the wedding industry, he’s also worked across several other industries including tourism, hospitality, retail, consulting and event mining!

A fresh look or innovative ideas that you haven’t thought about before can be the key to help you grow your business. Dave’s fresh perspective will be able to do just that and prompt you to consider things you might previously have dismissed.

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It’ll be fun

One of David’s close friends is Amanda Gore, a motivational speaker who can get you inspired about working in your business (we’ll talk more about her soon!)

He’s also got one of the most prestigious awards for professional speaking in Victoria, so you know he’s going to be good! Dave will encourage interactivity and help you network with your peers and make the most of the event. This is going to be a great addition as the MC at Evolve where you’ll have several opportunities to network and get excited about learning.

So not only will Dave be interesting, but he’ll be educational as well. Add to that an array of other amazing speakers including Alan Berg, Amanda Gore, and Tammy Barton, and you’ll be walking out of the conference ready to take on the world!

Growing your business doesn’t have to be boring. Book your ticket to see Big Dave at Easy Weddings Evolve here!

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