Easy Weddings launches Amplify extended marketing service

When it comes to marketing your business you want to make sure that you’re targeting the most relevant audience for your brand.

Which is why we’ve launched Easy Weddings Amplify, an extended marketing service that connects your business with more engaged couples through major advertising networks including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Adwords and remarketing channels.

easy weddings amplify

Here at Easy Weddings, we have the most experienced marketing team in the Australian wedding industry. With more than 18+ years experience across areas including SEO, SEM, social media, content and video production, the Easy Weddings marketing team has access to the biggest engaged couples database in Australia.

Our team will be able to help you identify and reach your target audience, increase your brand awareness and optimise your conversion rates.

How Amplify works

Audience Segmentation

  • Access to the Easy Weddings engaged couples database
  • Category/business location targeting to reach your most relevant audience
  • Audiences on Adwords, Instagram, Facebook and retargeting campaigns

Targeted Ads

  • Ads creation, optimisation and audience segmentation
  • Targeting couples browsing on Facebook, Google and Instagram
  • Relevant ads for your business designed specifically for each platform


  • Increased brand exposure for your brand
  • Ad clicks back to your Easy Weddings storefront
  • Storefront access helps optimise conversion rates

Why choose Amplify?

  • Access to Australia’s most experienced weddings marketing team and largest engaged couples database
  • No complicated software to learn or money wasted on experimenting with different ad networks
  • Save your marketing budget by avoiding an expensive internal hire or external agency that doesn’t understand the wedding industry
  • Reach more of your target market through audience segmentation, targeted ads and increased brand exposure
  • Further target couples looking for a specific category or location relevant to your business or who have searched your category within the last 30 days
  • Optimise your conversation rates with ads that click through directly to your Easy Weddings storefront
easy weddings amplify

The Amplify Advantage

Find out more about Amplify today.