Win one of 20 double-passes to The Wedding Ringer

Win one of 20 double-passes to The Wedding Ringer

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The Wedding Ringer
When it comes to wedding planning, not everyone experiences the problem of having too big a pool of people to choose our bridal parties from.

Take socially awkward groom-to-be Doug Harris (Josh Gad), for example. He hasn’t even got a best man, let alone groomsmen.

Poor Doug is just two weeks away from marrying the lovely Gretchen (The Big Bang’s Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) and he can’t bring himself to admit that he doesn’t have any friends, certainly not enough to match her nine bridesmaids.

So, what’s poor Doug to do? Hire a professional, of course!

Doug seeks the help of Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), owner of Best Man Inc., which provides best-men and groomsmen for hire. For a price, Jimmy and his crack team of not-so-professional groomsmen will (attempt to) ensure his customer grooms have the most memorable lead-up to their weddings possible.

And memorable it is!

This rather hilarious sounding scenario may be the plot of Sony’s new comedy, The Wedding Ringer, but it’s a story based on real life.

Yep, the film’s director Jeremy Garelick found himself in a similar situation when he was a ring-in groomsman for a former high-school friend who had to find 15 groomsmen to match his bride-to-be’s 15 bridesmaids.

“I showed up to the wedding because I thought, what’s the worst thing that could happen?,” says Garelick, “I was single and weddings have good food and lots of girls, but when I got there I discovered that it was not many groomsmen yet there were 15 bridesmaids.

“I felt bad for him and it was clear that this guy didn’t have any friends. So I started telling stories, making up things about how great this guy is and how we used to hang out and run on the track team together and what a great athlete he was. At the end of the night I thought to myself, I should be getting paid for being at this wedding. And then it hit me, I should write a screenplay about this experience.”

And he did!

The Wedding Ringer opens on January 22 and we’re giving away 20 double in-season passes to the film. You can enter below by telling us in 25 words or less: What has been the most difficult thing to do or find during your wedding planning and why?