Married for eight years and still a virgin?

annulled woman still a virgin-after eight years of marriage

A Maltese court has annulled a woman’s marriage after her husband refused to have sex with her – for eight years.

The unnamed bride told the court that, despite being married for 96 months, she remained a virgin because of her husband’s lack of interest in her.

In an affidavit, she stated that they were only ‘intimate’ once a month and only ever on a Sunday ‘around 10pm.’ These sessions did not include intercourse.

Malta’s national newspaper, The Malta Independent, reported that the couple married after a short courtship, during which they were always accompanied by his parents.

So close was the husband’s attachment to his parents, even after returning from their honeymoon, he refused to live in the couple’s marital home and insisted they remain in his parents’ house.

After seven and a half years, they paid off the mortgage on the house they didn’t live in – and the wife believed they were ready to start a family. The couple attended family planning meetings, however, the husband insisted he was too busy with work to have intercourse.

She told the court that she ‘did everything for him’ and that her wifely duties included driving him to and from work each day. He, however, described her efforts as ‘nothing special’ and “what a woman was supposed to do.’

Though the woman sought the help of a marriage counsellor, after eight years of emotional and physical neglect, her husband’s lack of love was too much to bear and she sought an annulment, which the court granted.

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