Wedding wine gift list

A wedding wine gift list has become a popular alternative to registering for traditional gifts. Specialist suppliers put together a list of your favourite wines, and then guests can order them by the bottle or case, depending on the cost and their budget, to be delivered to you after the wedding. Here are seven great reasons to have a wedding wine gift list:

wedding wine

You have enough china

Many modern couples have lived together before they get married, so they already have two of everything and don’t need household items. A wine gift list is a great alternative as you can take the opportunity to create your very own personalised wine cellar.

You can learn which wines you like

When you create a wedding wine list you can usually have an initial consultation with your supplier, which will enable you to discover the types of wines that you really love, and to find out more about those wines. Imagine a wine tasting session where you can ask for your favourite vintages as gifts!

You can get a discount on your wedding wine

Many wedding wine gift list suppliers offer a significant discount on the wine for your wedding day if you order it from them. Given that wine will be one of the most expensive items in your reception budget this could present a significant saving.

The gifts will go on for years

Unless you consume a vast amount of wine, the collection you build up from your gift list should last you for a long time. Most suppliers attach a personal message from the giver to each bottle or case, so every time you open some of your wedding wine you will have a great reminder of your wedding day and a message from one of your guests to read.

wedding wine

You can try some extravagant wines

Buying expensive wine for yourself can seem like an unnecessary extravagance, but if you are registering for wedding gifts you can always include a few exclusive wines for guests with a larger budget. Even if they only buy you one bottle, you will have the chance to sample a superb wine you wouldn’t usually be able to afford.

You have a little post wedding luxury

Many couples find that they have to tighten the purse strings a little once they return from honeymoon, especially if they are paying off debts associated with the wedding. Having the luxury of a large wine collection can make those cosy dinners at home much more attractive.

You can add wine related accessories

Many wedding wine gift list suppliers will also include accessories in your list that are appropriate to the specific wines you have chosen. These might include the right stemware, which can make a huge difference to your drinking experience, and wine decanters, stoppers, or thermometers.

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