Wedding questions every couple wants to ask (but usually don’t)!

When it comes to wedding planning, it seems that everyone speaks the same language, but if you don’t know your bomboniere from your boutonnieres, we’ve answered the top questions you want to ask, but don’t…

Can we even get married?

The first stage of getting married is that the intended couple must file a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) no later than than one month before the wedding and no earlier than 18 months before the wedding date.

The NOIM attests that you are:

– Of marriageable age (usually 18 years or older).
– Not already married to another person.
– Not closely related (e.g. you are not brother and sister).

There are a few more things, but it all starts with the NOIM. Here are the full requirements for marrying in Australia.

You and your spouse-to-be will need to check all the boxes before moving on with your wedding planning.

Who organises the wedding?

This is a decision that each couple needs to make for themselves. While there is nothing unusual about a wedding being planned entirely by the bride, (and, let’s face it, us ladies tend to be more enthusiastic about the planning process), the fact is that it could be the groom who runs the show or, perhaps, both will take part in equal parts.

Just remember that it is both the bride and groom’s big day, not just the bride’s or the groom’s! It’s not a requirement that the groom be a part of every decision, but they should (at least try to) be involved and supportive throughout the wedding planning journey and, at the very least, offer to help out as much as you can.

It’s great practice for married life, don’t you think?

Who gives the wedding speech?

Traditionally, the groom delivered a wedding speech on behalf of the bride. However, like so many wedding traditions, this one has fallen by the wayside over the years with many brides now standing up to give the wedding speech on behalf of her self and her new husband or she will give one in addition to her groom. And, of course, sometimes there isn’t a groom!

Really, the answer to this question is: whomever wishes to give a speech should. It may be one of you or both of you. Another option, of course, is for the newlyweds to give the big wedding speech together.

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Do we need groomsmen and bridesmaids?

While strictly speaking you don’t have to have them, the majority of weddings do feature groomsmen and bridesmaids as part of the bridal party. There’s no limit on numbers, and you can choose friends or family as your groomsmen and bridesmaids. Remember that your groomsmen don’t just stand next to you during the wedding, they also provide support and assistance leading up to your big day.

However, the short answer is no, you don’t have to have either groomsmen or bridesmaids!

Bomboniere? What’s that?

Bomboniere are the small gifts given by the newlyweds to their wedding guests. They are also known as wedding favours. Traditionally, bomboniere consist of sugared almonds but they could be anything that is given to guests on behalf of the newlyweds, be it a piece of wedding cake and photo frames to seedlings or bags of sweets.

You don’t have to give bomboniere, but it is a nice way to thank your friends and family for attending – and providing them with a thoughtful reminder of your big day.

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Where should the reception be held?

While most people hold their wedding receptions at a wedding venue, the fact is you can hold it anywhere you like, be it at your home, in a garden or at the beach! Your reception can take place anywhere your budget allows – and anywhere you want to hold it. Popular places for wedding venues include wineries, restaurants, hotels or on the grounds of a farm or park – as well as a couple’s own backyard!

What is a vintage inspired wedding and how does it differ from a rustic wedding?

‘Vintage’ and ‘rustic’ are words you will definitely hear bandied about during your wedding planning and, though there are many common elements found in both styles of wedding, they have different underlying inspirations.

Basically, a vintage wedding is one that pays homage to the past, usually, the Victorian era but it could as easily be the ’20s or ’40s, so it may include very traditional wedding attire from that period, lots of laces and various other vintage elements relevant to that era. Vintage weddings are about being classic and romantic – or classically romantic!

A rustic wedding, on the other hand, is inspired by the simplicity of country life and tends to leans towards the outdoors. It’s about barns, wooden benches, bails of hay and hessian. Think unrefined (as in untouched, not lacking in refinement) and

Interior Design for a Wedding Reception Area

Should the wedding have a theme?

Your wedding can have a theme if you want it to but, as with the answers above, that’s entirely your call. Having a themed wedding doesn’t (necessarily) mean your guests will need to wear costumes. A wedding theme could be something simple such as a shade of colour that runs throughout the wedding or it could mean that you choose an element, such as butterflies or vintage that you want to run throughout the wedding. Of course, if you want to go all-out, you could have the guests dress up. If there’s something that you and your fiancee are especially passionate about then it makes sense to include it in your big day.

Should I write down my marriage vows?

Marriage vows are, obviously, an extremely important part of your day, and many people spend a long time coming up with the perfect words to say. While, in theory, it would be nice if you could memorise your vows – and then recite them person without having to look down at a piece of paper during that all-important moment during the ceremony, the fact is, nerves would, likely, get the better of most of us. So, do your best to memorise your vows, but have them written down and ready to whip out – just in case!

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