Wedding day wellness, from the inside out


A wedding can seem like an endless to-do list, with so many different things to organise and arrange. This can become stressful, and can take some of the fun away from the happy day.

Natalie Brown, of Your Wellbeing Place, recommends having a wellness plan to ensure both bride and groom feel calm, happy and healthy on the day of their wedding.


Get in shape early

If you want to lose weight or tone up before your wedding, Natalie recommends putting in place your “get fit” plan at least six months before the event.

“We all know when we look good physically, we feel better about ourselves.  For most couples, losing weight isn’t about just fitting into a dress or a suit, it’s about becoming your best self – a healthy, fit and happy you on your special day and beyond.”

At Your Wellbeing Place, Natalie offers a Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program.

“It equips you with the tools to re-program your mind and relationship with food so you become fuller faster and more in tune with your body’s true hunger signals, all without depriving yourself.”

“This isn’t a diet.  It’s not about counting calories or following a restrictive meal plan. Through this program, you learn the tools to change your eating habits in a healthy way where you don’t feel that you are missing out on anything.”

“What I love about this program is that it’s designed to ensure the changes you make last well beyond your special day.”

Chill out with Reiki

At Your Wellbeing Place, Natalie recommends Reiki – a soothing treatment that involves positive energy being channeled through the hands of the practitioner – to help to get brides and/or grooms into a positive space energetically, helping them reach a calm, relaxed and balanced state.

“Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience and Reiki can help to calm those pre-wedding day nerves and help you maintain your resilience and flexibility so you can cope more effectively with those inevitable challenges,” Natalie says.


Learn Mindfulness techniques

“I like to think of Mindfulness as an everyday meditation that anyone can do anywhere, anytime; it’s a practice that teaches us to fully engage and connect with the present moment, without any judgment or force, and helps us to accept things just as they are,” says Natalie.

She says mindfulness is a powerful stress management technique.

“In fact, there is strong evidence to support that regular practice actually primes the brain to better cope with challenges.”

Focus on the Feeling

Natalie says one of the keys to enjoying your wedding day is being very clear about how you want to feel throughout the day, even if things don’t go to plan.

“Play a movie in your mind of your day from start to finish, what feelings does this generate within you?  If you want to feel happy and calm, visualize yourself in this state throughout the day, regardless of what is going on around you.”

Strategies for the day

Start by doing something you love

Natalie recommends brides and grooms do something they enjoy when they wake up on their wedding day.

“What makes you feel good, what relaxes you, what makes you smile?  Try and incorporate some of these activities into your schedule.  If you love a morning workout or a run in the park, kick start your day with that.  This will set you off on the right track and will create a positive vibe you can carry throughout the day.”

Keep your perspective

Natalie urges brides and grooms to be realistic – despite their best efforts, something might go wrong.

“Before you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed, ask yourself; Is this within my control or not?  A technique to help you navigate this is to consider; Can I Change this? Can I Accept this? Or do I need to Let Go?”

Belly Breathing

At Your Wellbeing Place, Natalie helps brides and grooms who may struggle with nerves on their big day.

“If you find your nerves or stress levels rising, try some belly breaths.  This is a really fast and effective way to move you out of the flight or flight, stress response and works to trigger the body’s natural relaxation response,” Natalie says.

“To do this, simply pause and take 5 deep breaths from the diaphragm, not from your chest, so that you expand your abdomen.  Immediately your parasympathetic nervous system will be activated and you will slow down your body, helping you remain calm, grounded and relaxed.”

Remember your Why

And if it all gets too much, and brides or grooms find themselves feeling negative, Natalie recommends reminding yourself why you are going through this.

“As simplistic as it may sound, stop and remember why you are having your wedding. The day is a celebration of your marriage and the start of a new chapter, not only the event. Remembering this will swiftly shift your mindset back to your happy place.”

Don’t forget your sense of humour

“If something doesn’t go to plan, challenge yourself to see the funny side,” Natalie says.

“Keep your calm, have fun and bring a mindful attitude to the moment….you won’t get this experience again so savour and enjoy every moment as it unfolds!”


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