Top 20 most popular wedding caterers in Melbourne

When you are planning your big day, you probably want everything just perfect. One of the best ways to make sure that it all turns out the way you dreamed is to personally select every vendor yourself. This way you can choose the ultimate location, the best entertainment and the most delicious food, and craft your ideal wedding day.

You choose the perfect venue, and then you can bring in your specially selected caterer. There is no need to compromise with your choice of caterer – this is an incredibly competitive industry – so both the variety and the quality of cuisine are extraordinary.

First class chefs have become caterers and are passing on their enormous talent to you and your guests. Whatever the theme or atmosphere of your wedding day, there are wonderful caterers who can craft the essential menu to suit. The wedding caterers in Melbourne are world class and can meet and exceed your every need.

From fine dining to cocktails and canapes to social share plates and more, we have the food for your big day all sorted with the caterers on our list.

Top 20 Wedding Caterers in Melbourne

Peter Rowland

peter rowland, wedding caterers melbourne

With over 50 years’ experience in creating exemplary food for weddings and other events, the talented team at Peter Rowland are famous for the quality of their dining fare. Stunning to look at but more importantly so tasty to eat, if you are looking for a reliable name in cuisine, this marvellous company is it.

Their dedicated event planner will work one on one with you to tailor a menu to your exact needs. For intimate parties to massive soirees with hundreds of guests, every bite will still look and taste divine. Fresh and exciting flavours and just beautifully elegant food.

Crystal Palace Catering

crystal palace catering, wedding caterers melbourne

With a superb blend of traditional and modern Asian cuisine, Crystal Palace provides a dining experience unlike any your guests have known. The food is renowned for its creativity and refinement, which is why this team have won awards in the bridal industry and have excellent relationships with some of Melbourne’s most sought-after reception venues.

From banquets which will leave everyone happily stuffed, to finger food that will excite your guests with every new and tasty morsel they see, your family and friends will be delighted with the food from Crystal Palace.

Hot Coals Catering

hot coals catering, wedding caterers melbourne

If there is one thing we love about wedding caterers in Melbourne, it’s the spectacular diversity of cuisines. For something completely different, you must check out Hot Coals Catering, which is not just about food, but about entertainment as well.

With decades of experience in the hospitality industry, this passionate chef team started a catering service that is totally out of the box. They bring their trailer-mounted wood-fired ovens to wherever you need and cook in front of your guests – with yummy smells wafting across the reception which will get their mouths watering. Suitable for finger food, sit-down dining or buffet.

Fabulous Catering

fabulous catering, wedding caterers melbourne

The name really says it all! This highly reviewed catering group have bases in most Australian capital cities and can bring delectable dining to your door wherever you may be. Their menus can be designed to provide any style of event and any budget so no matter what vibe your wedding day has, these experienced people have the fare you need. Including gourmet seafood BBQs, a never-ending stream of tasty canapes or a huge outdoor buffet, this team can do it all!

ACC Catering

acc catering, wedding caterers melbourne

Winning awards at both a state and national level, ACC Catering not only have incomparable food, they have the whole party package. From premiums drinks to match every course to polished service and a faultless attention to detail, you will want for nothing if you choose this team for your wedding day catering.

The talented chefs can create a menu that is casual and relaxed, or sophisticated fine food, with a level of quality that can never be beaten. Famed for their flexibility and eagerness to please, you must talk to this team about what they can do for you.

Essential Catering and Events

the essential caterer, wedding caterers melbourne

Essential means something that you can’t do without, and your wedding day just won’t be right without Essential Catering. A gourmet foodie’s delight, the food from this skilled team is unpretentious, hearty and flavoursome, and will have you continually coming back for more. Whether your reception is in your backyard, in the great outdoors, or at one of Melbourne’s most gorgeous locations, the perfect food can be supplied by this catering crew.

With locally sourced produce and home-grown herbs, fruits and vegetables from their very own garden, you just know that food is a passion for this crowd.

MoreISH Catering

moreish catering, wedding caterers melbourne

Based on the Mornington Peninsula but catering to hungry wedding guests everywhere, MoreISH will quite literally have you wanting more. Their creations are both classy and modern, with big fresh flavours, vibrant colours and entrancing smells as well. Loved by the couples who have hired them in the past, you will be amazed by the glowing reviews this team have received, both for their delicious food and their friendly service.

For a restaurant level experience brought to you that will tantalise your senses and fill your belly, contact this award-winning crew for more information today.

Hudson’s Famous Catering Food Function

hudsons wedding caterers melbourne

For every event is the perfect caterer, and for a unique wedding day, the perfect caterer is Hudson’s. They love good food and are passionate about throwing a great party, so if both of these are essential to your special day, talk to this team today. Their food philosophy has a large focus on fresh, seasonal produce, that is environmentally and sustainably sourced. Their food is luscious, hearty and plentiful. From a bespoke warehouse to a tipi in a field of flowers, with this team to guide you, your modern festive wedding fantasy can be brought to life.

Victorian Golden Roast

victorian golden roast, wedding caterers melbourne

Famous for their delicious spit roasts and delectable finger food options, these food-lovers bring your perfect wedding day feast to you. At home, beachside, up a mountain, or in a refurbished town hall, wherever your perfect wedding reception spot is, these guys will be there too.

With over 20 years of experience behind them, the professional staff bring you freshly prepared food that will please even the fussiest of guests and leave everyone satisfied. With menus and packages for all budgets, they can tailor one of their wonderful catering options to your specifications.

Diamond Blue Catering

diamond blue catering, wedding caterers melbourne

With an understanding that every aspect of your wedding needs to be personal and unique, this catering team will create a menu just for you. Their options are broad and packages are exceptionally flexible because they want your fantasy wedding feast to come to life.

Their happy team will talk you through every step of the planning and ensure everything on the day is stress-free and goes off without a hitch. For beautiful food and extraordinary service, talk to this team about what they can do for you.

Catering by the Farm Café

catering by the farm cafe, wedding caterers melbourne

The Collingwood Children’s Farm in Abbotsford is not only a gorgeous family day out, it is making a name for itself as a caterer of class and quality. With produce fresh from their own gardens and delicious locally sourced meat and seafood, their style of culinary experience is both plentiful and sumptuous.

Renowned for their abundant shared feasts of generous and tasty fare, this talented team can also look after your wedding cake, drinks, cheese towers and even an ice-cream cart. You can have your reception on their lovely farm grounds by the Yarra River, or they can come to you.

Catering by Chefs

catering by chefs, wedding caterers melbourne

For a professional catering crew that have managed hundreds of weddings smoothly and made couples and guests all over Melbourne smile, Catering by Chefs are the perfect company for you. They specialise in weddings and have an event manager who will work closely with you to create a menu of all of your favourite options that will please even the most discerning of your guests.

For food that is modern, healthy, looks fantastic and tastes divine, contact Catering by Chefs for more information about their inspired food and tailored packages.

Silva Service Catering

silva service catering, wedding caterers melbourne

Silva Service Catering provide spit roast feasts at their finest. If you have been looking for something special to fill hungry bellies and delight tastebuds then look no further. This team pride themselves on bringing great plentiful food to your event, at a price you can afford. For a delectable option that is a favourite with any crowd, and stress-free dining for the most important celebration of your life, contact Silva Service.

The Grecian Kitchen

the grecian kitchen, wedding caterers melbourne

From a culture famous for hearty food and happy crowds comes the Grecian Kitchen. If you are looking for colourful vegetable dishes, fresh premium meats, chicken and seafood, and desserts that will have your guests letting out their belt-buckles, this is the caterer for you. Cooking on site over coals, the chefs craft buffets, share platters or finger-food that are a wonderful blend of traditional and contemporary Greek cuisine.

Their dessert table boasts a variety of sweets and mini cakes, as well as trays of rich fruit and cheese. For the flavours of Greece at a Melbourne wedding day, discuss your menu options with this friendly team.

Tandoori Flames

tandoori flames, wedding caterers melbourne

The authentic Indian feasts provided by the skilled staff from Tandoori Flames are fresh, spicy and flavoursome. Let them bring their traditional homestyle cooking to your perfect wedding day, they will fill up your guests and have everybody talking about the dining experience at your unforgettable reception.

Their food is premium quality and always fresh, and served with a smile. If you want your guests happy and raving about the delicious food at your wedding, give these guys a call.

The Culinarian Catering Co

the culinarian, wedding caterers melbourne

Ben Davies, the Executive Chef behind the Culinarian Catering Co has worked across Australia and the globe at top-tier restaurants perfecting his art. He specialises in menus that are designed purely for your wedding day and incorporates your theme, individual styles and personal tastes into the perfect bespoke dining experience.

He is passionate about fresh food that is celebrated in all its glory, bringing out big natural flavours and magical taste experiences. His team can craft your whole day from event hire, flowers, entertainment, drinks and much more. With renowned attention to detail and next level food, get in touch with the Culinarian.

Priors Catering

priors catering, wedding caterers melbourne

Providing elegant and delicious dishes that look like colourful works of art, Priors Catering will bring your dream wedding reception menu to life. With years of experience and great joy for food, this team work hard to create a seamless and indulgent banquet. No guest at your wedding will be without a drink all day or will go home unsatisfied.

Working personally with you to craft the exact dishes you desire, even if it means coming up with new recipes just for you, this is wedding day fare at its absolute best.

Big Flavours

big flavours wedding caterers melbourne

These people know what celebration food is all about. New to the wedding catering arena but already making a name for themselves as the ones you need to get in and book fast, the Big Flavours team are talented chefs, food lovers and all-round incomparable service providers. They get excited about making great food and truly love doing it for you, relishing the important opportunity to look after your family and friends on such an important occasion. For taste testings contact them now, while they still have your wedding date free.

Eatalian Made Catering

eatalian made catering wedding caterers melbourne

Nobody makes a hearty feast quite like the Italians. Believing that food is a shared affair, full of laughter, family and fun, the talented chefs behind Eatalian Made will delight your wedding crowd. For massive share platters of rich, fresh Mediterranean fare either at home, in a marquee, or on the grounds of one Melbourne’s most beautiful venues, this team are very hard to beat.

Cocina Mexico

cocina mexico, wedding caterers melbourne

If you are looking for something deliciously different for your unique wedding feast, try Cocina Mexico. With flavours that will entice and delight your crowd and have them coming back for more, the clever culinary crew are the ones to call. Whether it is tapas, a buffet, or a sit-down meal, the spices and aromas will be simply unforgettable, leaving your guests asking you where you found these authentic gourmet greats.

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