Wedding bubbles

Venues are tired of clearing up confetti, guests are worried about poisoning birds with rice, and we don’t want rose petals staining our wedding gowns. This leaves bubbles as the perfect alternative, and a beautiful way to celebrate your first moments as husband and wife. Wedding bubbles have become a very popular way to involve your guests in your wedding celebrations.

wedding bubbles

Here are six top tips on using wedding bubbles:

Put some thought into the design

There are a wide range of bubble pot designs available that are specially designed for weddings. You could choose pots shaped like champagne glasses or bottles, or miniature wedding cakes. You could also look for bubble pots with doves on top or with heart shaped tips. You can even have a personalised label printed with a bride and groom caricature, your names, and your wedding date. Many couples go for the simple option and choose plain white bubble pots tied with a ribbon in their accent colour.

Consider alternative uses for wedding bubbles

Although wedding bubbles are often used to shower the couple as they leave the ceremony, they are also very effective when used during the first dance, or at other key moments during the wedding day. You could place some wedding bubble pots on the tables at the wedding breakfast for your guests to use whenever they feel it is appropriate, or you could even use your bubbles as bomboniere.

Give your bubbles extra oomph

If you want to make sure you have a decent volume of bubbles, you could consider hiring or buying a simple bubble machine. This will ensure you have a consistent stream of bubbles even if your guests run out of puff. This is a particularly good idea if you want bubbles to feature in your photos, or if you are getting married somewhere breezy where bubbles will quickly get blown away.

wedding bubbles

Use bubbles in children’s photos

If you are inviting children to your wedding, or you have young flower girls or pageboys in the wedding party, it can be difficult to get natural smiling photos of them. Giving them a pot of bubbles to play with is the perfect solution, as they will be less self conscious and you will get some beautiful beaming shots.

Ask someone to hand out the bubbles

If you are having single seats for your wedding ceremony you could put a bubble pot on each seat. Alternatively make someone responsible for handing them out, either as guests enter the ceremony, or towards the end of the ceremony once the vows have been exchanged. A young family member may enjoy this job as it will make them feel part of the wedding, or you could ask a junior bridesmaid or usher to do this.

Make sure bubbles won’t stain your gown

The majority of wedding bubbles are advertised as non-staining, but often it depends on the material of your dress rather than the ingredients of the bubble mix. If you want to use bubbles, try to get a dress material sample and blow some bubbles at it to see what the effects are.

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